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Every day on Figure 1, healthcare gets better. Tens of thousands of healthcare professionals log on to the free app as part of their workflow, posting cases, sharing ideas, and connecting with specialists. It was that daily ritual — and the amazing images we see every day — that inspired us us to create a Figure 1 calendar.

The 16-month 2017-18 Figure 1 calendar features images from some of our most popular cases, as determined by our community of more than a million doctors, nurses, medical students, and allied healthcare professionals. These include a heart valve being replaced, a microscopic view of a blood disorder revealed in a newborn, the effects of diabetes shown in an eye exam, and a stain depicting a type of kidney disease.

The aesthetic skill of the Figure 1 community is on display in the calendar, no more so than in the contributions of forensic pathologist Dr. Marianne Hewitt and forensic photographer Nikki Johnson. Under the handle @DeathUnderGlass, they showcase the surprising beauty of their work using stunning histology stains. Their work is on the cover of the Figure 1 calendar.

Similarly, medical photographer Brennan Wesley of the Medical University of South Carolina is known in our community for his amazing eye and sensitivity to the subject matter. One of his most iconic images, depicting a kidney donor waving to the recipient on her way to the operating room, is featured in the calendar.

To receive your own Figure 1 2017 calendar, tweet @Figure1 with a link to your favorite case and why, and then fill out this short form.

And of course, you can log in to Figure 1 to see more cases from around the world.