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Will Howden

The Figure 1 Ambassador program includes students from more than 200 medical and nursing schools across North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Each month we’ll feature one of our Medical Student or Nursing Student Ambassadors who has worked hard to represent Figure 1 on their campus.

We’re happy to introduce our first Student Ambassador of the Month — Will Howden from The University of Sydney.

What year of your studies are you in?

I’m in my first year at The University of Sydney.

What is your area of interest in medicine?

I am fascinated by all areas of medicine. However, my interests lie primarily in surgery with a particular interest in orthopaedics and tumour surgery.

Why do you like this field of medicine?

The problem-solving and hands-on nature of the field is what interests me in surgery as a specialty. The prospect of being able to reconstruct a trauma patient or remove severe pain from an arthritic joint allowing a large percentage of patients to return to normal daily activities forms a large part of my attraction to orthopaedics. I have always loved sports and I think that this has also had a large impact on my fascination with the field.

If you could only have 1 piece of medical equipment, what would it be?


If you didn’t work in health care, what would you do?

I honestly have no idea. Most likely a scientist or engineer.

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