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One year ago today, we launched Figure 1. Over the last year, healthcare professionals have posted thousands of medical images, covering everything from classic conditions to rare findings, and fueling a vast amount of clinical dialogue.

By every indication, though, we’ve only scratched the surface. Figure 1’s images are being viewed millions of times per week, and that number is growing quickly. When you post an image to Figure 1, it’s almost guaranteed to be seen by tens of thousands of other healthcare professionals within a few days. With new health information being discussed in real time (as in the MERS case last week), our hope is that increased sharing of knowledge will ultimately help save lives.

To mark our one-year anniversary, we asked Figure 1 co-founder, Dr. Joshua Landy, to share his perspective on the last year and what’s to come in the next year on Figure 1. Watch the video below to find out.

Thanks for using Figure 1 this year,
The Figure 1 Team

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