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Medical Insights

AmeriCares Medical Outreach Program

February 5, 2015

Nearly 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to the medicine they need to stay healthy. AmeriCares Medical Outreach Program helps al… Read More

Medical Case Studies

Image of the Week: Why Are these Lesions Bright Blue?

February 4, 2015

These growths developed over a period of 8 months subsequent to the removal of small growths from the two areas. The patient is a middle-age… Read More

Medical Insights

Health Leaders Series: Interview with Steven Tucker, M.D., on Medicine in Asia, Technology, and Oncology

February 2, 2015

Dr. Steven Tucker is an American physician living in and practicing medicine in Singapore. He currently focuses on adult general medicine an… Read More

Inside Figure 1

The New Home Feed

January 29, 2015

Today’s Figure 1 update introduces a new home feed that combines the Home and Following tabs. Now you can see the people, the categorie… Read More

Medical Case Studies

Image of the Week: Massive Tongue Enlargement

January 28, 2015

This MRI shows a rare complication of oral surgery. The massive enlargement of this young patient’s tongue is thought to be caused by lympha… Read More

Medical Case Studies

What You Can Learn from a Patient’s Hands

January 22, 2015

A patient’s hands are a tremendous source of information and are one of the easiest areas to access and examine. Information about a patient… Read More

Medical Case Studies

Image of the Week: What Kind of Toxin Did this Patient Ingest?

January 21, 2015

This patient presented with decreased consciousness, twitching, drooling, and urinary incontinence after ingesting poisonous mushrooms. Coul… Read More

Inside Figure 1

Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology Launches First Hospital Account on Figure 1

January 20, 2015

We are excited to announce the next step in growing the Figure 1 community. As of today, we are making hospital accounts available on o… Read More

Inside Figure 1

45 days and 38 Countries Later

January 19, 2015

On December 3, we wrote a blog post announcing our launches in France and Germany and the beginning of a further expansion into Europe. Sinc… Read More

Medical Case Studies

Image of the Week: IVC Filter Removal

January 14, 2015

This image series shows the step by step removal of an inferior vena cava filter. These filters are removed infrequently, making this angiog… Read More

Medical Case Studies

Figure 1 Expanded Cases: Thoracic Empyema

January 14, 2015

Some images on Figure 1 are so compelling that we want to know more details on presentation, diagnosis, and treatment for an “Exp… Read More

Medical Insights

Half the World Has No Radiology

January 8, 2015

Figure 1 has partnered with RAD-AID International to showcase its efforts to improve radiology resources in developing and impoverished… Read More