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This Valentine’s Day, Figure 1 is helping you show your appreciation for the healthcare professionals in your life. For our community of more than 1 million doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who devote themselves to helping and healing, we’ve created Valentines that swap out candy hearts for the real thing. Because when hearts are aflutter, we all need someone who can read an ECG.

There are four Figure 1 Valentines, one for each chamber of the heart. You can find them all below, or at

1. For the right atrium: A hugging heart.

OK, so a completely anatomically correct heart does not have arms to hug friends. But we’re sure your friends will appreciate the gesture.

2. In the right ventricle: e.e. cummings.

Everyone’s favorite lower-case experimental poet put his heart in parentheses in this famous poem.

3. In the left atrium: Emily Dickinson.

What does the heart want? What it wants, of course. This tautology was made (in)famous by Woody Allen and most recently sung by Selena Gomez, though it dates back to Emily Dickinson. Regardless of intent, it’s a way to say something profound without actually saying anything.

4. From the left ventricle to the body: A gentle pun.

Our final Valentine says it simple: Aorta be with you.

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