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Our Ambassador of the Month for September is Bradley Morris from the School of Medicine at University College Cork in Ireland.

What year of studies are you in?

I am in my final year.

What is your area of interest in medicine?

My major focus is rural Family Practice. I am specializing in Emergency Medicine with a goal to provide comprehensive care for all manner of medical presentations.

Why do you like this field of medicine?

The undifferentiated nature of Family Medicine affords the diverse and comprehensive care that communities require from their physicians. The broad scope of practice enables continued follow-up and support of individuals and families with both health-related and biopsychosocial issues, and fosters the development of healthy communities. Coupled with a focus in Emergency Medicine, these generalist specialties will give me the background necessary to provide care in rural and remote regions.

If you could only have one piece of medical equipment, what would it be?

A stethoscope. The clinical information garnered from a thorough physical exam would not be complete without a good listen!

If you did not work in healthcare, what would you do?

Probably research, though I’ve always missed working in forestry. Nature is too good to not explore!

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