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A 6-week coaching program focused on Match interviews. Join today:

From the first day of medical school, you know The Match is coming. It’s how you select a residency program and it fixes your trajectory as a physician. Preparing for the Match is important for professional development, and that’s why Figure 1 has launched Match Coach. This program is designed to help the hundreds of thousands of medical students in our community prepare for success.

Figure 1, the free app that healthcare professionals and students use to work toward clinical mastery, is already used by the majority of U.S. medical students. Our regular quizzes and community of knowledgeable specialists make Figure 1 the best place to learn clinical know-how. Now, in response to your requests, we are adding new programs to help our community with other aspects of their professional lives. As always, Figure 1 can teach you how to recognize a clinical syndrome; and now, it can teach you how to succeed as a specialist— starting before you begin.

Here’s everything a medical student needs to know about Match Coach:

It’s free. Match Coach is available in the Figure 1 app, which is free for verified healthcare professionals and students.

It’s interactive. Our team of doctors, led by our co-founder Dr. Joshua Landy, are always available to field questions and guide discussions.

It’s here for you. For our first module, Match Coach is focussing on the interview. What should you say and how should you say it? Later instalments will cover more aspects of residency matching, evolving to fit your needs.