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A new partnership in machine learning will bring high-quality electrocardiogram analysis to every healthcare professional in the world at no cost. In a keynote speech at the International Congress on Electrocardiology on Saturday, Dr. Joshua Landy unveiled the project that is poised to revolutionize the diagnostic process.

“The ECG is the least expensive, highest-impact diagnostic tool we have in medicine today —and we can now make it even better,” Dr. Landy, a critical care specialist and co-founder of Figure 1, said to the global gathering. “This project will bring instantaneous, accurate interpretations of electrocardiograms to everyone with access to a smartphone.”

Figure 1 is a free knowledge-sharing platform that’s already on the smartphones of millions of healthcare professionals. With this new utility, their photographs of ECG readouts will instantly be converted into digital files — a format that can be shared on the secure global network and interpreted by specialized algorithms. Simply put, it gives the best doctors the smartest software and offers the end result as a free service to improve patient outcomes around the world.

The project is the result of months of collaboration with Dr. Alexander Wong, Canada Research Chair in Medical Imaging Systems at Ontario’s University of Waterloo, Director of the Vision and Imaging Processing Lab, and Founding Member of the Waterloo Institute of Artificial Intelligence ( Dr. Wong’s lab specializes in the application of artificial intelligence to medical imaging.

“It has been a tremendous pleasure working with a leader in digital healthcare like Figure 1, and we truly believe that this project will be a game-changer for healthcare professionals,” said Dr. Wong.

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