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  • CBS

    “Figure 1 provides a forum for physicians to become familiar with cases they’d probably never see face-to-face.”

  • NPR

    Access to Figure 1 in the ER “is invaluable”

  • CNN

    “Classic medicine, digitized”

  • The Guardian

    “It’s about sharing and learning”

  • ABC News

    “Benefits patients by helping their doctors connect”

  • The Wall Street Journal

    “Figure 1 Inc., sometimes referred to as the ‘Instagram for doctors’ has closed a $10 million Series B funding round”

  • BBC News

    “A transparent view into a world you rarely get to see”

  • Wired

    “As Figure 1 grows, it has the potential to become global health’s central nervous system—improving diagnostics, care, and treatment for non-users everywhere”

  • Fast Company

    “Telemedicine apps like Figure 1 are radically transforming how patients are treated in the most under-resourced parts of the world”

  • psfk

    “Figure 1, a social platform for doctors, will use its latest round of funding to develop an artificial intelligence feature for case comparisons”


    “It’s a step up from texting an image, where doctors can’t protect a patient’s privacy as well”

  • Financial Times

    “Available as a free download in 190 countries, Figure 1 attracts 50,000 users a day”

  • The Atlantic

    “Clinically significant and arguably beautiful”

  • TechCrunch

    “Share knowledge virtually with other physicians around the globe”

  • Vox

    “How one app is solving medical mysteries”