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All ankle-and-foot Cases

Laceration from lawn mower

patient had an accident on the lawn mower.


Necrotic toe

I see a lot of non-compliant diabetics with wounds, mainly on their feet. This woman ended up with a necrotic ...


Icthyosis vulgaris chronic management

Male of 24 years old, know in the dermatology service since 10 years ago for presenting Ichthyosis. The patient starts ...


Henoch-Schonlein Purpurs of left lower limb

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura in a 5-year old girl


Foot x-ray of non-displaced fracture of left proximal hallux

Female with a history of trauma to foot. Treated conservatively with just a strapping.


Transmetatarsal amputation of right foot

transmetatarsal amputation with muscle imbalance. Amputation of the toes results in a loss of eversion from the EDL and EHL. ...


tibial dislocation of left leg

24yo male, playing a local game of Australian football, team mate landed on L) lower leg during play > dislocation ...


Ankle radiograph shows angular growth arrest line

Ankle radiograph in a patient with a tibial Salter-Harris II fracture one year prior shows an angular growth arrest line ...


Rocker bottom feet in Fine Lubinsky syndrome

Rocker bottom foot. Where can we found this characteristic foot? Share your differential diagnosis!


Lipoma resected from a painful mass on the ankle

67-year-old female patient with enlarging expanding painful mass on the anterior medial aspect of the ankle. Excisional biopsy? What is ...


Periungal fibromas in tuberous sclerosis

So, I am in my rural social service right now here in Colombia. In a visit to a really far ...


Gout on foot x-ray

71yo male c/o painful right foot. What's your diagnosis and why? What else do you want to know? More images ...


Chronic Metatarsophalangeal Joint Pain on x-ray

52-year-old healthy female smoker. Has arch MTJ LFJ pain x 2 years. No trauma. Pain present for 2-3 years. About ...


Cystic leg swelling

called to SNF for "fluid in the leg" you arrive on scene and pull the patients sock off to reveal ...



59-year-old healthy active male smoker presents stating about five or six years ago he smashed his toe. X-ray ordered not ...


Gout of the big toe

This case diabetic and gout is high @ since two months come to me complaining of pain and swelling of ...


Pseudoclubbing on x-ray

Here's the xray. Suggestions?


Painful big toe

19 y/o female presents with pain under the great toe, can you tell what's wrong with this x ray?


Chronic left ankle pain on x-ray

ironically this was his chief complaint was left ankle pain for many years. "I sprained my ankle badly in a ...


Comminuted fracture of the calcaneus and cuboid

comminuted fx of the calcaneus, cuboid fx. 49yr old male, fall from ladder


Painfull swelling of the 2nd digit

89 year old female with known PVD and rest pain in the 2nd digit, presents with worsening pain associated with ...



they are all on body.....and my friends the diagnosis is.......


Genu Varum of the knee

Genu Varum (bow-leggedness) is common in toddlers like this 14mo girl. It usually improves spontaneously with age.


Poliomyelitis and acetabular dysplasia

15-year old with chronic "limp"


Chronic bilateral leg pain

58 y/o female chronic relapsing bilateral leg pain, erythema, ulcers.This pt had bpd w/ DS in 2000. In 2010 started ...


Hereditary multiple exostoses

18 y M gives H/o fall 2 years back while playing, following which there was a malunion of elbow joint. ...


comminuted fracture of fifth metatarsal on right foot x-ray

72 year old fit cyclist, non-smoker occasional drinker. Fall down stairs last week. Treatment options?


Pyogenic granuloma on left great toe

58/F wounded her toe 2 weeks ago after a pedicure. Came to the OPD having taken several unrecalled antibiotics and ...


Allergic reaction to stitches post-op

Update:: we've come to conclusion that this patient was allergic to stitches now having same reaction to dissolvable stitches .post ...


Open reduction internal fixation of fibula fracture with plate

Open reduction internal fixation of distal #fibula #fracture using #Arthrex #titanium plate and screws. 50 year old patient stated to ...

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