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Frontal parietal tumor on MRI

4 y/o F to undergo #craniotomy for #tumor resection. MRI shows frontal parietal tumor along lateral margins of cyst. Pt ...


MRI of olfactory groove meningioma

Pt is 39 y/o Caucasian female, hx of seizures, headaches, with olfactory and visual disturbances. What's your DX?


Left occipital stroke on CT

This 69-year-old male presents with visual deficit. The finding on CT is a left occipital stroke. In what vascular territory ...


Brain CT scan of hypertensive bleed associated with sympathamomimetic use

This is a 24-year-old male with past medical history of heroin addiction, who presents to an emergency department of a ...


MRI of cystic retrobulbar mass

3D fiesta image in a 2 week old with an abnormal pupil shows a cystic, retrobulbar mass (arrow) near the ...


Left transverse venous sinus thrombosis

IMAGE FOR RADIOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION. 30-year-old female patient makes continuous use of contraceptive presented sudden headache without improvements with drug treatment ...


MRI of brain showing carotid dissection

This patient presents with a droopy eye, which isn't something to be taken lightly. In this particular case, the droopy ...


White matter lesions on axial FLAIR MRI

ADEM OR MS? HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN TWO FAVORED DIAGNOSES This 15-year-old presents with blurred vision and white-matter lesions on ...


Intraventricular haemorrhage on CT head scan

50 y/o female found unresponsive in shower. Hx of cocaine abuse and HTN. Drug screen clean, BP in the 200's.


Subdural haemorrhage with midline shift on CT

84 year old female complaining of shoulder pain after her dog pulled the leash. Patient fell backwards, (24 hs prior ...


CT head with traumatic inferior orbital wall fracture

19 yo Male presented to the emergency department with face swelling, headache, and left eye pain. He was allegedly assaulted ...


Painful big toe

19 y/o female presents with pain under the great toe, can you tell what's wrong with this x ray?


Tinea corporis on chest

11 year old boy whose cat ate a mouse 4 days ago, the cat died the same day, and the ...


Bilateral globus pallidus lesions secondary to carbon monoxide poisoning

Bilateral Globus Pallidus Lesions secondary to CO Poisoning. 33 YOM presented to the ED with mental status changes. Standard of ...


Erythema nodosum

Spot diagnosis. My first time seeing this in children.


Basilar artery stent occlusion

60 something female will a #Basilar-artery stent which appears to have occluded.


MRI of arachnoid cyst

A 61 yo female complains of a gradual deterioration in vision in both eyes over 1 year ! Diagnosis ?


inflammation of the left lateral rectus muscle of orbit on CT head

Coronal enhanced CT image in a 13 year old with acute sixth nerve palsy shows abnormal enlargement of the left ...


CT of acute on chronic subdural hematoma

Vomiting,coma. Anticoagulation with Warfarin. INR 4,0


olfactory groove meningioma on MRI brain

8 week post-op MRI after resection of olfactory groove meningioma. In comparing before and after MRI images, the amount of ...


attention neglect and dementia as evidenced by clock drawings

I had a chance to assess permanent residents in a care facility today. How would you explain these clock drawings ...


films to end mental health stigma

Heads Together, the royal family’s campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental health, released a series of films to encourage ...


Anoxic brain injury on CT

Ok medicos, lets have a try at this head CT. 31 year old female.


MRI of a 4-month old with hydraencephaly

Axial T2 MR in a 4 month old with hydranencephaly shows near complete loss of both cerebral hemispheres with sparing ...


Erythematous papulosquamous rash as a drug reaction

65 y/o f presents for a new onset rash. Started approx 13 days ago when she a combination seafood plate. ...


Subarachnoid haemorrhage on CT

pat presented with aphasia ...history of 6 hrs no other neurological deficit and no history of headache......and its SAH


Bone fragments on CT head after gunshot injury

14 yo male, gunshot wound to the head. Entrance wound right temporal bone, exit left temporal area. Bone fragments and ...


left-sided hydronephrosis on USG after left ureteric calculi retrieval

This 42-year-old male presents for follow-up four weeks after ureteroscopy and stone retrieval for a left ureteric calculus and resultant ...


intracranial hemorrhage with surrounding edema

Pt I had who was actively drinking a beer when we walked up to his parked car in a ditch ...


hydrocephalus from VP shunt obstruction

20 year old Hispanic female born with PMHx of spina bifida cystica and #Dandy-Walker-malformation at birth presents with decreased arousal ...

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