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Idiopathic pulmonary hypertension on hemodynamic monitor

that's not a mislabeled art-line. it's the patient's pulmonary arterial pressure! idiopathic pulmonary hypertension.


ECG of atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia

39 y/o, female, known case of SVT came to ED due to palpitations. She reported missing her dose of Propranolol. ...


Pulmonary embolism on ECG

F pt 89+, late stage Alzheimer, no ability to communicate, incl expressing pain. Wheelchair bound, DNR. Sudden onset of clear ...


Ventricular tachicardia on ECG

75 y/o male, complains of shortness of breath. Initial BP 85/60. K=5.7, Na=132, Troponin= 0.08, BUN=59, Creat=1.85. Hx of CHF, ...


Inferior ST elevation myocardial infarction on ECG

48yo M called 911 c/o CP which he assumed was indigestion. Rescue squad performed vital signs upon arrival and sent ...


Acute pericarditis on ECG

22yo male with "crushing" central chest pain for 12hrs and sob on brief exertion. Recently put on clarithromycin for sinusitis ...


Lateral ST elevation myocardial infarction on ECG

34yo male presented with chest pain radiating to left shoulder. Onset of Sx was 15minutes and presented continuously. Patient had ...


Chest x-ray of flash pulmonary oedema

55 yo female hx HTN, asthma. To ED via medic c/o acute onset dyspnea and BLE edema x1 week. Pt ...


MRI of cutaneous infantile hemangiomas in the liver

Axial FS T2-weighted MR image through the abdomen of this patient shows innumerable round small to moderate sized hepatic lesions ...


Pulmonary hypoplasi

#Pulmonary-hypoplasia in a 22-week-old infant, delivered via spontaneous vaginal delivery for non-reassuring fetal heart tones, but stillborn on delivery. Note ...


white middle finger

38 year old female. Started noticing her left middle digit would turn white and numb X 1 month intermittently. Color ...


Tinea corporis on chest

11 year old boy whose cat ate a mouse 4 days ago, the cat died the same day, and the ...


ECG changes showing inferior MI in patient with low-grade adenocarcinoma

52yoM presented to the ED with a 2-day history of dyspnea and chest pain that radiated to the back, worsened ...


Pericardial efussion on x-ray

This is the case of an otherwise healthy asyptomatic adult female. She was to have a minor ortophedic procedure and ...


Pyoderma gangrenosum with rheumatoid arthritis

This is leg of patient with rheumatoid arthritis, unknown pericarditis and acinetobacter infection on microbiology. What is cause?


Digital clubbing

Female, 56 years old.She smoked during 45 years. She smokes 20 cigarettes / day. What change is possible to identify ...


Liver lesions in a pt with cutaneous strawberry marks

Longitudinal ultrasound of the liver in an infant with multiple cutaneous "strawberry marks" that appeared a few weeks after birth. ...


Growing human heart cells with plant leaves

A multidisciplinary team from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Arkansas State University, was able to grow fully ...


CT of acute on chronic subdural hematoma

Vomiting,coma. Anticoagulation with Warfarin. INR 4,0


hyperkalemia causing Sine waves on ECG

case for prehospital providers. Called out as "70y altered." EKG shows above. Dx and Tx. (Difficulty: you only have what ...


post-mastectomy lymphedema

Female, 60 years old. Ten years ago she underwent a mastectomy to treat breast cancer. Two weeks after surgery she ...


Normal heart and lungs of a newborn

#Heart and #Lungs from a term baby who died shortly after delivery. Autopsy revealed #Necrotizing-enterocolitis to be the cause of ...


Aortagram demonstrating bilateral renal artery stenosis

Bilateral #renal artery #stenosis brought to #interventional #radiology for management. Aortogram demonstrates occlusion of the left renal artery (yellow arrow) ...


P-Mitrale pattern on ECG

female, 20. left atrial enlargement p-mitrale pattern?


ulcer on dorsal area of the left foot in diabetic

Female, 80 years old. She has diabetes and high blood pressure. She developed a ulcer on dorsal area of the ...


left-sided hydronephrosis on USG after left ureteric calculi retrieval

This 42-year-old male presents for follow-up four weeks after ureteroscopy and stone retrieval for a left ureteric calculus and resultant ...


Hipostatic purpura

Female, 87 years old. She presents #Ecchymoses on right leg. The #hipostaticpurpura is petechiaes and ecchymoses that arise on legs ...


SVT due to a concealed right posterior septal accessory pathway

12 year old female, admitted for intentional acetaminophen overdose, mother denies past medical history. First image is EKG obtained at ...



54 years old male, PMH of uncontrolled #Hypertension and #Diabetes-mellitus, on 2nd post-operative day of #Coronary-artery-bypass-surgery. Asymptomatic, stable hemodynamics, falling ...


Sigmoid volvulus infected a week after hip replacement

76 YOM with sigmoid volvulus less than one week after hip replacement which became infected. We elected to do a ...

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