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Ankle fracture

slip and fall on ice! Bilateral break and dislocation #ortho #winter #prereduction #tenting


Herpes zoster

young boy age,1year has this case ,his family use fusidic acid topical and no result is it impetigo?? lines of ...


Hand injury related to circular saw

62 year old male, caught his hand in a circular saw. Rural area, bleeding was controlled before I got to ...


Paederus beetle

I am in a medical mission in the DRC(congo). This insect is present in the grasslands and when a person ...


Arteriovenous malformation in angiogram

24 year old male with history of high flow arteriovenous malformation #avm within the anterior low abdominal wall with extension ...


Gallbladder polyp on ultrasound

young female, hemoglobinopathy, enlarged spleen, RUQ abdominal pain, the bloods show a hepatitic picture rather than obstructive, but there is ...


Thoracic outlet syndrome on x-ray

pt transferred to our hospital after being diagnosed with glenoid fossa fx. i don't see it. do you? no other ...


Medical resources

medicine is a-changing! I enjoy on line learning, having info at my fingertips and interacting with colleagues of every age ...


Purple urine

Elderly male with dementia presents with urinary retention after pulling his catheter at home <which was placed in our facility ...


Acute on chronic subdural hematoma on CT

88 year old female with history of hypertension and NPH status post VP shunt presents to the ED unresponsive with ...


Atrial bigeminy on ECG

Describe the rythm and explain yourself.


Retinoblastoma on MRI

MRI images for patient with retinoblastoma.


Bougie Intubation with the Kiwi Grip

I was taught this while doing an intubation in the shock room. It gives you complete control of the tube ...


Pneumocephalus on brain CT

48-year-old female with a history of seizures who presents to ED with confusion. The patient was found lying outside in ...


Treating hyperthermic patients

Someone recently shared a post asking about how to treat hyperthermic patients. In a military training setting, as well as ...


MRSA on wrist

#Whatisit? This 38 year old man presents to the ER with a one day onset of erythema to the thenar ...


Right sided tension pneumothorax on x-ray

A 28yrs old male presented with severe difficulty in breathing,Intermittent fever for one weeks.N/h/o any other medical illness or any ...


Bilateral extradural hematoma and subdural hematoma on CT

Alteration of mental status of a patient with mitral valve prothesis and recent major swings in her VKA. Performed a ...


Snake bite

EMS dispatched to a middle aged female possibly bitten by a snake. Upon arrival, find a 42yo female sitting on ...


Necrotizing fasciitis on leg x-ray

This is a 12YOM medically free boy presents with ho fall down on left knee resulting in a wound and ...



68 yo M with history of recurrent gout in ankles presents to urgent care with 2 days of abrupt-onset left ...


Myocardial infarction on ECG

38 year old (!!!!!!) male wakes up at 3am with left sided non-radiating chest pain 7/10. Patient diaphoretic and anxious. ...


Bibasilar pneumonia with effusion and COPD on chest x-ray

53 yo Caucasian smoker 0.5 ppd for 40 years presents with wheezing cough and SOB for 1 week does not ...


Stress fracture on foot x-ray

Foot x-ray in an adolescent runner shows focal periosteal reaction typical of a stress fracture. Stress fractures occurring in the ...


Acute appendicitis as demonstrated on tests

A 5 year old boy complained of abdominal distention due to urine retention for 10 hours duration, and abdominal pain ...


Squamous cell carcinoma

65 yo male with (reportedly) 3 months of neck swelling, throat pain and dysphasia. He has lost 35 lbs in ...


Purulent olecranon bursitis

47 y/o Caucasian male presents complaining of 3 days of left elbow pain redness and swelling. Pt denied any trauma ...


Supracondylar fracture on elbow x-ray

what is the type of fx ? (Elbow x-ray)


Fracture of distal 5th metacarpal

where is the fx ??


Prescription medication

Prescription medications obtained over a 60 day period by a single person from 19 different prescribers. Due to several red ...

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