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Bilateral extradural hematoma and subdural hematoma on CT

Alteration of mental status of a patient with mitral valve prothesis and recent major swings in her VKA. Performed a ...


Snake bite

EMS dispatched to a middle aged female possibly bitten by a snake. Upon arrival, find a 42yo female sitting on ...


Necrotizing fasciitis on leg x-ray

This is a 12YOM medically free boy presents with ho fall down on left knee resulting in a wound and ...



68 yo M with history of recurrent gout in ankles presents to urgent care with 2 days of abrupt-onset left ...


Myocardial infarction on ECG

38 year old (!!!!!!) male wakes up at 3am with left sided non-radiating chest pain 7/10. Patient diaphoretic and anxious. ...


Bibasilar pneumonia with effusion and COPD on chest x-ray

53 yo Caucasian smoker 0.5 ppd for 40 years presents with wheezing cough and SOB for 1 week does not ...


Stress fracture on foot x-ray

Foot x-ray in an adolescent runner shows focal periosteal reaction typical of a stress fracture. Stress fractures occurring in the ...


Acute appendicitis as demonstrated on tests

A 5 year old boy complained of abdominal distention due to urine retention for 10 hours duration, and abdominal pain ...


Squamous cell carcinoma

65 yo male with (reportedly) 3 months of neck swelling, throat pain and dysphasia. He has lost 35 lbs in ...


Purulent olecranon bursitis

47 y/o Caucasian male presents complaining of 3 days of left elbow pain redness and swelling. Pt denied any trauma ...


Supracondylar fracture on elbow x-ray

what is the type of fx ? (Elbow x-ray)


Fracture of distal 5th metacarpal

where is the fx ??


Prescription medication

Prescription medications obtained over a 60 day period by a single person from 19 different prescribers. Due to several red ...


Fractured femur on x-ray

83 yr old female came to ED for muscle cramping in leg x 2 wks. Denied injury to area. Denied ...


Snake bite

This is hand of a victim bitten by a snake. Traditional healer(Ozha-Snake Charmer) incised his hand with blade to remove ...


Femur fracture on x-ray

5yom femur fracture after being jumped on by 7yo brother.


Posterior clavicle dislocation on 3D CT

posterior clavicle dislocation.... true orthopedic emergency... high risk of neurovascular or airway compromise. CTA was negative. Was taken to OR ...


Rhabdomyosarcoma on MRI of calf

Final update. Please see two previous Text cases to get an idea what's going on here. General surgery did tru-cut ...


Anterior Subluxation of C7-T1 on x-ray

Male in early 30's presented to trauma s/p motorcycle accident resulting in quadriplegia.


Motion artifact in 3D CT

3D CT reconstruction. What is going on here? Dx and treatment if needed? #3D #Ct



A nice STEMI example. 71 y/o F complaining of squeezing type pain in her chest and radiating down both arms. ...


Choosing Wisely Canada

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) has joined Choosing Wisely Canada, a national clinician led campaign to reduce unnecessary care. The ...


Ethical dilemmas

Everyday while at the workplace we come across ethical dilemmas. This topic came up in one of my nursing classes ...


Bruising from fall

Mid 80s year old TENNIS PLAYER 🎾 who ran backwards for an overhead return and her foot found a tiny ...


Bullous impetigo on leg

17 yo females presents to UC complaining of 6 days of worsening "blisters" located at the left antecubital fossa and ...


Tweezers in breast x-ray

33 yr old female patient presented to the ER with question of abcess in her breast. She explains that 4 ...


Laceration on forearm

To the bone #Laceration with second degree burns from car crash received 13 sutures to the left forearm


Hyponatremia in arterial blood gas

EMS called out for a possible stroke in elderly woman. Patient presents with altered mental status and LOC, extreme nausea, ...


Inferior MI on 12 lead ECG

53 yo M. called EMS because of chest pain and SHOB. Secondary symptoms included pale, cool and clammy skin, nausea, ...


Pulmonary embolism in CT

Axial contrast enhanced CT shows a large pulmonary embolism (arrow) saddling the bifurcation of the pulmonary arteries. Pulmonary embolism is ...

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