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Tortuous vessels on fundoscopy

Px presenting for routine ST and CLC. Px is 30 and not hypertensive. Fundus appearance is as above. VA 6/6 ...


Pterygium of right eye

Female, 45 years old. She sought medical help for another reason, but I noticed the presence of fibrous tissue in ...


Multiple Myeloma on MRI

Patient with Multiple Myeloma.


Subconjunctival hemorrhage

pt states no pain or vision deficit, only subconjunctival redness. dx?


Lens dislocation with glaucoma

60yo woman no chronic conditions. Previous blunt eye trauma years ago of same eye. Had decreased vision of right eye ...



great #Hypopyon ---pus in the anterior chamber. Blurry vision, could only see silhouette. Seen the ER


Amiodarone-induced vortex keratopathy

71 year old Caucasian female presenting for PCO OD and cataract OS. Label the incidental corneal finding. hint: she takes ...


Cataract surgery using phacoemulsification

A 56 year old patient diagnosed of having cataract on his right eye underwent a cataract surgery using phacoemulsification, wherein ...


MRI of cystic retrobulbar mass

3D fiesta image in a 2 week old with an abnormal pupil shows a cystic, retrobulbar mass (arrow) near the ...


Cuteaneous horn of the eye

Male, 73 years old. What is the name of the injury shown? What can this lesion hide?


Furuncle in the right eyebrow with pus

Patient 26 y/o complains of swelling and painful infiltrate in right eyebrow area. The infiltrate was cut, washed with antiseptic ...


CT head with traumatic inferior orbital wall fracture

19 yo Male presented to the emergency department with face swelling, headache, and left eye pain. He was allegedly assaulted ...


Tinea corporis on chest

11 year old boy whose cat ate a mouse 4 days ago, the cat died the same day, and the ...


chalazion evolved from internal hordeolum of right eye lid

Internal hordeolum evolved into chalazia in 10 yr old.


inflammation of the left lateral rectus muscle of orbit on CT head

Coronal enhanced CT image in a 13 year old with acute sixth nerve palsy shows abnormal enlargement of the left ...


attention neglect and dementia as evidenced by clock drawings

I had a chance to assess permanent residents in a care facility today. How would you explain these clock drawings ...


facial lacerations from traumatic assault

Patient presented to the hospital following an assault to the face with a broken bottle. This was the 5th patient ...


Conjunctival laceration

50 yo male cable installer comes in with right eye pain after pulling cable out of box and was hit ...


post-operative bacterial endophthalmitis

80+ pt with infection of right eye after cataract surgery. Treatment: Antibiotics injections in the eye + drops of antibiotics ...


Bacterial conjunctivitis with corneal ulceration

Bacterial #Conjunctivitis with corneal ulcer. Purulent discharge on exam. Denies exposure to STDs. Fluorescein stain showed accumulation at ulcer, but ...


branch retinal vein occlusion on funduscopy

50 y/o male patient who complained about a blurry spot in his vision for 4 weeks. He hoped his complaints ...


multifocal choroiditis on fundus photograph

not something you see everyday. 38 year old female without DM or HTN and otherwise healthy. Noticed some peripheral vision ...


optic disc coloboma associated with inherited pappilorenal disease

Inherited renal disease often also involves the retina because the kidney and retina develop at the same embryonic stage and ...


Left ventricular assist device in congenital heart defects as a bridge to transplant

"Baby" Berlin at 10ml is the smallest LVAD device available. This is a bridge to transplant, allowing mobility and preventing ...


Central nervous system germinomas on MRI

MR images in a 12 year old with headaches and diplopia shows a heterogeneously enhancing suprasellar mass. There is pituitary ...


cystic mass on head CT

74 year old male with h/o glaucoma, A-Fib, and HTN presents to ED with confusion. Pt is blind and lives ...


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


retinal detachment from a horseshoe tear with overlying hemorrage

60yo Male, Moderatly myopic Noticed a blurry area of the inferior nto nasal visual field in the right eye. A ...


Pseudomembrane on eye in adenovirus conjunctivitis

5 y/o girl with classic adenovirus conjunctivitis w pseudomembrane. Fever x 5 days (now resolved) w sore throat and rhinorthrea. ...


Iridodialysis due to complications during removal of traumatic cataract

Female Px present for GP A/C and ST, history of badminton shuttle trauma to the eye. Px is Diabetic, Hypertensive ...

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