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Torus mandibularis

Abrupt growth of mandibular bone, known as torus. There is a close genetic and racial relationship and I observe how ...


Tooth decay

16 year old female came to remove her mandibular second molar BDR. Her oral hygiene was very, very poor. I ...


Parasymphysial and angle fracture

19 Y/O M PT presents to ED complaining of being assaulted by a couple of males


Facial swelling

two days of progressive facial swelling, raised inflammatory markers, no significant past medical history, what would you do with this ...


Pharyngeal swelling

Soft tissue swelling or mass? 27 y/o with cc congestion.


Seborrhoeic keratosis

Seborrhoeic keratosis in a 78 years old patient. The patient did not refer any symptom, he came to the consult ...


Cuteaneous horn of the eye

Male, 73 years old. What is the name of the injury shown? What can this lesion hide?


MRI of synovial sarcoma in the left thigh

M57y. # Synovial #sarcoma in the left thigh attached to a femoral vascular package. #Oncologic resection of the tumor including ...


Bilateral swelling of the jaw in cherubism

14 year old male.Condition started since he was a toddler and progressively increasing. Differentials ? Students give it a try


Pyogenic granuloma from irritation and fissured tongue

89+ Y.O. With excisional biopsy confirmed #Pyogenic-granuloma , also normal scrotal #Tongue


Furuncle in the right eyebrow with pus

Patient 26 y/o complains of swelling and painful infiltrate in right eyebrow area. The infiltrate was cut, washed with antiseptic ...


Nose resection due to facial sarcoma

Nose resection due to facial sarcoma in a middle age women.


Tooth caries before and after direct restoration

Hallo everyone, tooth 2.5 caries, direct restoration with GC G-aenil + staine AO2 A2 A1 JE


Target lesions of erythema migrans in lyme disease

Child comes in after camping in the Desert wth these rashes. Went to ER and received antihistamines and prednisone the ...


Lateral canthus basocellular carcinoma of the eye

Lateral canthus basocellular carcinoma.


CT head with traumatic inferior orbital wall fracture

19 yo Male presented to the emergency department with face swelling, headache, and left eye pain. He was allegedly assaulted ...


Squamous cell carcinoma of lower eyelid

Squamous cell carcinoma of lower eyelid. Full thickness lower eyelid resection with lateral canthtotomy and Tenzel flap reconstruction. The second ...


Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

30 yo BF with c/o "skin infection" to R cheek x 1 year. Pt said it started out pustular but ...


Psychogenic Prurigo

72 yo female with these itchy-burning lesions all over the body for 20+ years. Improvement, but not disappearance in spring- ...


Tinea corporis on chest

11 year old boy whose cat ate a mouse 4 days ago, the cat died the same day, and the ...


Polymorphous light eruptions on nose

42 year old woman says these lesions appear on her nose every spring and may last for many weeks. No ...


Erythema nodosum

Spot diagnosis. My first time seeing this in children.


Alopecia areata

11 month old baby girl with hypopigmented skin lesion on the forehead appeared 2 monthes ago with facial hair loss ...


Root canal treatment

root canal treatment lower second molar .. protaper next . NaOCl irrigation . ADSEL sealer .


facial lacerations from traumatic assault

Patient presented to the hospital following an assault to the face with a broken bottle. This was the 5th patient ...


Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Patient: 72 y.o. man First time at dermatologist. The neoplasm since about a year. • Your diagnose and treatment?


specimen of mandibular sarcoma

Mandibular sarcoma in a female patient aged 18 years. Case recovered from history. 30 years ago we used the recess ...


Pityriasis rosea

The progression of Pityriasis Rosea. I originally posted a few images of a circular rash that was mistaken for ringworm. ...


Discoid lupus erythematosus in discoloration of the ear

28 yr old male with deep bluish discoloration of his hands ..ear and lips of two weeks duration.. he complains ...


Right parotid adenoma on MRI

Patient 46 y.o. complains of the mass in the parotideomasseteric area on the right side. Noticed it 3 years ago. ...

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