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Strep Pharyngitis

5 day progression of Strep Pharyngitis (rapid +) with progressive uvulitis. 30yr old female. No HX of frequent strep infections. ...


Axillary abscess

50yof seen in the morning by a GP for second episode of axillary abscess.. prescribed oral antibiotics.. but the cause ...


Empyema suspected due to leukocytosis on chest x-ray

elderly lady with increasing shortness of breath over the last week. WBC 24k


Bucket handle tear of the medial meniscus of the knee in CT

Young athlete with chronic knee pain. Diagnosis?


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

another Lap chole. More cool stones.



40-something yo female from Guatemala with several year history of pruritic rash of lower extremities. Previously treated with a topical ...


Acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis

infant hospitalized for 3 days for severe pneumonia, no rash present initially. Given IV ceftriaxone and acetaminophen PO PRN. Gradually ...


Emergency contraception

#Levonorgestrel and #Ulipristal are a #emergency #contraceptive indicated for prevention of #pregnancy following unprotected intercourse or a known or suspected ...


Pityriasis rosea

34 y/o female. 5 months pp. no significant pmh. Presents with 2 days slightly itchy, scaly type rash to upper ...


Wound with hypergranulation

89+ yo female referred to homecare for wound care of BLE "stasis ulcers", which have been slowly worsening for years, ...


Severe eczema with secondary bacterial infection

15-yr-old, premenarche, female, history skin problems #rashes x13 years, in rural East Africa. C/o #Pruritus & some pain. Current lesions ...


Abscess on lip

Started as erythematous area on lip for which outpatient provider started patient on #Amoxicillin. Progressed over three days to this. ...


Rheumatoid Arthritis

81 y.o. female patient affected from reumatoid arthritis. The diagnosis has been done when she was 55, therefore she's still ...


Multiple myeloma and lytic lesions on skull x-ray

These are additional findings from skeletal survey #X-rays, labs and #Bone-marrow biopsy. The patient was diagnosed with #Multiple-myeloma and started ...


Erysipelas following forehead wound

female Pt 68yr, 4 days ago wound on forehead, no (self)treatment.. today more swollen and redness and also oedema upper ...


S1Q3T3 and tachycardia of pumlmoary embolism on ECG

45 yo obese male, had 2 weeks of seated computer training for work now in ER with shortness of breath. ...


Bed bug bites

26 y/o female patient was traveling for business and thinks they may have been exposed to bed bugs. Bumps are ...


Lymphoma on PET scan

additional images on same patient. Probable diagnosis?


BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer

This is BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer. In the past we've used a closed system made by Merck ...


Deep tongue laceration in infant

6 week old with deep tongue laceration with unknown mechanism of action. Workup for abuse performed. It is somewhat controversial ...


Cholecystitis and gallbladder gangrene at cholecystectomy

60YOM, grossly obese (about twice ideal weight) present with typical symptoms of cholecystitis. Complete obstruction and gangrene of the gallbladder: ...


Melanoma on the back

65yo patient presents itself with these two nodular lesions in the back; 3-month progression, deneis any pain and B-symptoms. What ...


Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome

11 month old male with no fever, changes in appetite or play habits initially presented 4 weeks ago with rash ...


Breech birth

Any guesses on why this little peanut had to be delivered via c-section?! Born at term to a G1, her ...


Ascites fluid from paracentesis

compare these 2 totally different ascites fluid obtained from a paracentesis. The one of the first patient, had a 29K ...


Warthin's Tumor in the tail of the parotid

60 y/o woman with slowly enlarging neck mass. Had rapid growth over 2 days and then decreased in size slightly ...


Weight drop on pediatric growth chart

2mo healthy boy for his 2mo WCC and...whoops! No obvious reason for this, so will f/u with a detailed feeding ...


Pneumothorax on x-ray

2/2. Update on precious case of #Pneumothorax . Obviously this is s/p chest tube placement in the ER, then the ...


Genu varum and metatarsus adductus

just a little #Genu-varum with some #Metatarsus-adductus in a 14mo here for her well check. The treatment is observation and ...


Perioral dermatitis

20 y/o woman with several months of this slightly itchy rash. Is it acne or something else? I apologize the ...

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