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Histology of mixed-phenotype acute leukaemia

WBC = 339.8x10^9/L Hb=36 g/L, Platelets = 237x10^9/L, clinical details "collapse+SOB+ ECG changes". What's your diagnosis?



40-something yo female from Guatemala with several year history of pruritic rash of lower extremities. Previously treated with a topical ...


Multiple myeloma and lytic lesions on skull x-ray

These are additional findings from skeletal survey #X-rays, labs and #Bone-marrow biopsy. The patient was diagnosed with #Multiple-myeloma and started ...


BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer

This is BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer. In the past we've used a closed system made by Merck ...


Leukocyte on cell smear

Note this leucocyte. It would be a segmented neutrophil or a rod neutrophil?


Synovial ganglion cyst

Woman, 63 years with this cutaneos nodule , apparition since 2 months


Hairy cell leukemia

Hairy Cell Leukemia


Hypochromic red blood cells cell smear

Blood smear of a patient with iron deficiency anaemia. Hypochromic red blood cells. A target cell can be seen at ...


Alpha thalassemia trait cell smear

Alpha-thalassemia trait


Histology of acute myeloid leukemia

58 yo female. Came in through the ED. No previous history. Main complaint of chest pain radiating to her LLQ. ...



Fluconazole is an Azole antifungal drug, which decreases ergosterol synthesis & interferes w/ fungal cell membrane formation. Beware QTc prolongation, ...


Macrophage consuming red blood cells

This toddler presented with familial #Hemophagocytic-lymphohistiocytosis and underwent a matched allogeneic #Bone-marrow-transplant from her father. Image 1 shows a macrophage ...


Graft vs Host Disease

#Graft-vs-host-disease #skin 120 days post #Stem-cell-transplantation


Acute myelogenous leukemia on histology

Myleofibrosis transformation to #Megaloblastic AML w myleodysplasia. Some of the blasts lack characteristic blebing, are intensely basophilic with prominent vacuolation ...


Bronze diabetes associated with hemochromatosis

#Bronze-diabetes in patient with suspected #Hemochromatosis


Hand Foot Mouth Disease

difficult case for me, 32 y.o. Make librarian presents with rash for 1 day. No significant past medical history, no ...


Subcutaneous hematoma natural history

Subcutaneous Hematoma Natural History in a 21 years old Female. According to some authors, the main symptoms in a subcutaneous ...


IV metronidazole and usage information

#Metronidazole has a range of uses including for Protozoa and anaerobic bacteria. It works against Gram negative anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis. ...


Acute monoblastic leukemia on histology

68 years female, Hb: 93, Wbc: 35, Plt: 100. Diagnosis?


Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and death rates

Incidences of suicidal and accidental death are higher among European patients who have received hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) than ...


Pruritic rash on trunk and back

60y/o female with extreme #Pruritus. Widespread with exclusion of face and hands (groin area is the worst). Developed over several ...


Epidural hematoma post discectomy on spinal MRI

65 yo patient s/p routine elective discectomy at L3/4. Post op developed bilateral leg weakness, paresthesias, and loss of bladder ...


Clotted blood prior to centrifuging

long time fan, first time post! student nurse who has been working in pathology for two years, never seen anything ...


Non-hodgkin lymphoma of femur on xray

*UPDATE* on the 44yo male with a primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the bone presenting as a solitary femoral lesion. The ...


Ankylosing spondylitis crohns disease

31/M previously diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and IBD (crohn's) 5 years ago. Patient currently asymptomatic GI wise. No signs of ...


Bilateral foot sole discoloration

52 y.o. male on Hemodialysis, s/p endovascular infrarenal abd aneurysm repair. Developed tenderness to bilateral foot soles and noticed discoloration. ...


Abdominal x-ray of young patient with haematochezia

here is a good case that is sure to generate some discussion. This is a healthy 21 yo male who ...


Primary B cell lymphoma of bone on femur xray

44yo male complaining of growing pain and swelling of the left thigh over 2 months. This X-ray was the first ...


Thrombocytopenia found on full blood count in dengue fever

Lab result for a 60 years old gentleman, presented with hx of fever for 6 days, chills rigors, myalgia. No ...


Exercise induced vasculitis

patient returns from a 4 hour cycle ride with a non-blanching rash. No fhx of rheumatological problems, no meds, no ...

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