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Green urine

Male patient 43 years old . Green urine probably due to Pseudomonas Aeruginosae infection. The patient reports the assumption of ...


Hypopigmented skin lesions on back

Flat hypopigmented anaesthetic patches on back.


Furuncle caused by Staphylococcus aureus

The #Furuncle is caused by Staphylococcus aureus. It is transmitted by contact with asymptomatic carriers, people with purulent lesion or ...


Right-sided neck mass of Hodgkins Lymphoma

Patient is 4 yo M immigrant from Malaysia (5 months ago) presents with right sided neck mass that has been ...


Cellulitis of the leg by dog bite

This 80 year old woman presented with acute cellulitis right leg. Recent dog bite puncture wound nearby and was painful. ...


Epiglottitis and thump sign on head x-ray

2yr AAF with c/f allergic reaction. Triage to fast track (low acuity). No relevant PMH or family hx. NKDA. UTD ...


Tinea capitis

7 yo male with history of intermittently pruritic, flaky rash that started 2 months ago was treated (and failed) with ...


Alopecia areata

Patient 3. Male, 17 years old. There are 15 days notice of flaws in his hair. Considering the picture above ...



50M came in with what appeared to be times corporis, mildly itchy, non-painful, tried ketoconazole cream, 2 weeks later returned ...


Folliculitis of the shoulder and arm

26 y, female. Lesions appeared suddenly 4 days ago after eating meat, salad and avocado. Itchy, pustular appearence it has. ...


Recurrent Axillary Infection

Very painful inflammation under right armpit that is frequently reoccurring. She is currently taking oral bactrim with no improvement. Any ...


Plasmodium vivax schizonts stage in a thin smear

Plasmodium vivax schizont stage in a thin smear of a patient. Note that the number of merozoites contained in the ...


Bilateral acute tonsillitis with uvular deviation

Patient's chief complaint is sore throat. Patient is afebrile, strep test negative, cervical lymph nodes not enlarged. Patient is currently ...


Human papilloma virus warts on the knee

13 yo female with skin lesions for a year, initially treated with 3 sessions of cryotherapy and then a unknown ...


Target lesions of erythema migrans in lyme disease

Child comes in after camping in the Desert wth these rashes. Went to ER and received antihistamines and prednisone the ...


Periungal fibromas in tuberous sclerosis

So, I am in my rural social service right now here in Colombia. In a visit to a really far ...


Pruritic rash crossing the midline in urticaria

Patient is a 26 yo female. PMH EBV 6 years ago. Pruritic rash developing intermittently for 4 months in groupings ...


Unwarmed EDTA sample

how can you explain the Hb HCT results ?


Systemic Lupus Erythematosis

Clinical Challenge: Female, 31 years old. Two years ago she noticed the appearance of bullous lesions in the anterior region ...


Synovial Hemangioma of the Knee

44 y/o F with intermittent knee pain and swelling for several years. What is your diagnosis?


Painful right elbow

50 yo m who was febrile 5 days ago. Reports pain 8/10 in his right elbow. The area at the ...


Erythematous lesion in peri-oral area

Female, 51 years old. Erythematous lesion in peri-oral area with one day of evolution. She reports that in the beginning ...


ECG changes showing inferior MI in patient with low-grade adenocarcinoma

52yoM presented to the ED with a 2-day history of dyspnea and chest pain that radiated to the back, worsened ...


Hard edema in left forearm

7-year-old child, male, checked in the Unit brought by her mother, showing hard edema in left forearm, and elbow showing ...


Hypersensitivity and Vasculitis

16 year old, mild fever, eruption (photo), palisading arthralgia of large joints. Your diagnosis?


Pericardial efussion on x-ray

This is the case of an otherwise healthy asyptomatic adult female. She was to have a minor ortophedic procedure and ...


Pyoderma gangrenosum with rheumatoid arthritis

This is leg of patient with rheumatoid arthritis, unknown pericarditis and acinetobacter infection on microbiology. What is cause?


Polyarthralgia and rash

64 yo, female, polyarthralgia for 1 week (knee, elbow, wrist) and then rash. No fever but stiffness and pain. Slight ...


Axillary Vitiligo with Alopecia Areata

Patient: 15 y.o. Girl Visiting dermatologist because loss of pigment with #Alopecia - localized. Armpit. Since last weeks the spot ...


Hepatitis c and Lichen planopilaris

33 yo male, positive with hep-c. no other significant hx. no medications currently. (being assessed for TX for hep c) ...

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