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Lyme disease

30 year old patient present to the clinic with the lesion in the picture. Pt was stung by a tick ...


Herpes zoster

young boy age,1year has this case ,his family use fusidic acid topical and no result is it impetigo?? lines of ...


Insect bite

Patient woke up with 13 bumps/vesicles covering back bilaterally. Bumps appear to be vesicles approx 5mm with yellow fluid but ...


Paederus beetle

I am in a medical mission in the DRC(congo). This insect is present in the grasslands and when a person ...


Lymphoproliferative disorder

Woman, 33-year-old, born in Haiti and resident in Brazil since 2005 (urban area), shows an enlargement at cervical area that ...


Intravenous drug use

This is what IV tubing could potentially look like after a patient self-administers heroin. What policies/procedures does your hospital have ...


Medical resources

medicine is a-changing! I enjoy on line learning, having info at my fingertips and interacting with colleagues of every age ...



59 year old female, complaints of itching. Presented after flue vaccination, non febrile, non tender, spread laterally under breast and ...


Fungal infection on toenails

51 y/o male presents with this toe nails. He wanted us to remove his nail. With further investigation ı have ...


Tinea versicolor

24 yo male presents this palpable eruption on back and on lateral thorax (just under the armpits bilaterally). no itchy, ...


MRSA on wrist

#Whatisit? This 38 year old man presents to the ER with a one day onset of erythema to the thenar ...


Right sided tension pneumothorax on x-ray

A 28yrs old male presented with severe difficulty in breathing,Intermittent fever for one weeks.N/h/o any other medical illness or any ...


Necrotizing fasciitis on leg x-ray

This is a 12YOM medically free boy presents with ho fall down on left knee resulting in a wound and ...


Wound on foot

Left dorsal foot wound. Started as small non raised red areas and petechia. Progressed to bruised area minus open area ...


Ulcer on leg

female late 70's a couple of ulcers on her right lower leg. Has been seeing her practice nurse for regular ...


Cyclospora oocyte

After a graduation party where about 1000 people attended, approximately 80 percent of them got Sick. The symptoms were intermittent ...


Tinea corporis on abdomen

59yo male. Itch all over his body, mostly around belly. DMT2(+). Psoriasis? Diabetic dermopathy?


Ochroconis gallopava from femur culture

Ochroconis gallopava (O. constricta) from a femur culture. This patient was immunocompromised and developed fungal osteomyelitis with this bug. I ...


Bullous impetigo in newborn

one week baby what's the diagnosis and ttt??


Candida albicans

#Esophagus and #Stomach. Can you guess the etiologic agent here? Picture taken at the Pathology Museum from Mexico's General Hospital.



2-4 weeks of wearing crocks and develops this ulcer. History is a bit inconsistent as patient has mild cognitive imparement. ...


Pharyngeal Vesicles

Pharyngialvesicles. Hx : a 25 yo male with sorethorat for 10 days which is not worsened with eating. No hx ...


Choosing Wisely Canada

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) has joined Choosing Wisely Canada, a national clinician led campaign to reduce unnecessary care. The ...


Biomphalaria glabrata

The genome sequencing of Biomphalaria glabrata was carried out by FioCruz Minas in partnership with institutions from 11 countries. The ...



it's that time of the year again: #tic season. this one was extracted from scalp of a 10 year old ...


Ochroconis gallopava

I should've given some background info in my original post. Here's a bit about the fungi pictured here. Ochroconis gallopava ...


Bullous impetigo on leg

17 yo females presents to UC complaining of 6 days of worsening "blisters" located at the left antecubital fossa and ...


Doctors Without Borders in Iraq

An infant suffering from pneumonia enters the emergency room in Mosul, Iraq. The reality of pneumonia can be incredibly dangerous. ...


Tick bite

over 50 yo male with tic bite, works outside, didn't want to start doxy , started amox instead x 21 ...


Acute sinusitis complicated by orbital abscess

9 year-old , 5 days history , family claims it's due to Bee Stings ! 🐝

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