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All interventional-radiology Cases

Abdominal aortic aneurysm in angiography

89F admitted for hip Fx, s/p ORIF, incidentally found to have 8cm juxtarenal AAA. Patient elected for non-operative management.


Pseudo aneurysm arising from cystic artery

63 yo female status post outside transjugular liver biopsy presenting with ruq pain. Pre contrast images show a large stone ...


Comminuted Fracture of distal phalanx

English: A 35-year-old patient, who consults for a 5-hour period of progression consisting of a crushing fourth-finger injury located in ...


Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma on imaging

Juvenile angiofibroma


S1Q3T3 and tachycardia of pumlmoary embolism on ECG

45 yo obese male, had 2 weeks of seated computer training for work now in ER with shortness of breath. ...


Ascites fluid from paracentesis

compare these 2 totally different ascites fluid obtained from a paracentesis. The one of the first patient, had a 29K ...


Brain angiogram for 3D printing

Brain angio ready for 3D Printing.


Infarct in left recurrent artery of Heubner

Middle aged woman with history of hypertension. She presents with acute onset trouble speaking and abnormal arm movements. Name the ...


Pleuropulmonary blastoma on ultrasound

Pleuropulmonary Blastoma is a malignant pediatric lung cancer that is highly aggressive and very rare. It carries a poor prognosis ...


Left temporal epidural hematoma on CT

Head trauma & sequela: 52yoM bike accident presented in coma with dilated left pupil, intubated. CT shows left temporal epidural ...


Massive subarachnoid hemorrhage due to aneurysm on CT head

53 yo woman with massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. GCS 14. Angiography showed a blister-like aneurysm of the right carotid. Acute treatmen ...


Epidural hematoma post discectomy on spinal MRI

65 yo patient s/p routine elective discectomy at L3/4. Post op developed bilateral leg weakness, paresthesias, and loss of bladder ...


Pseudoaneurysm of the peroneal artery and arteriovenous-fistula

16 y.o. girl w/ recent stab wound to the R. calf one week prior now w/ persistent, severe calf pain ...


Stroke with occluded right pericallosal artery seen on angiogram

11 year old female presents with a history of headaches who presents with right sided pounding headache and left sided ...


Peroneal artery arteriovenous fistula with pseudoaneurysm treated by coiling

This is a peroneal artery arteriovenous fistula with a small pseudoaneurysm. Coils were placed in the peroneal artery to occlude ...


Spinal abscess on sagittal spinal MRI

73yoM on dialysis complaining of difficulty walking, fever and elevated white count. Exam reveals distal motor strength of 2/5 bilaterally ...


Left maxillary sinus opacification on skull x-ray

A 75YOM presented to PCU with a hx of faintish attack and fall 1day ago. He cant remember how he ...


Myocardial infarction with occluded left anterior descending on ECG

62 year old male, comes to the ER with history that started 3 hours ago of intense chest pain, that ...


Bullet entry and exit imaging on CT

Test your forsensic reasoning. GSW to head...Based on the CT bone windows which side did the bullet enter and the ...


Retrograde flow in left ophthalmic artery on carotid doppler

Transient Left Eye Blindness after Exercise This 73 year old male with a history of transient left eye blindness after ...


MRSA infection and CT

A patient with PMHx significant for ESRD on HD presents with persistent fevers and MRSA positive blood cultures after removal ...


Laceration, skull fracture seen on xray.

"In search of a brain surgeon"...from "Old Time's Sake" by Dr Dre...19yoM aspiring rapper/singer clubbed at back of head with ...


Bilateral foot sole discoloration

52 y.o. male on Hemodialysis, s/p endovascular infrarenal abd aneurysm repair. Developed tenderness to bilateral foot soles and noticed discoloration. ...


Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation on chest x-ray

17 years old female, ESRD on regular dialysis 3/week due to unknown etiology, presented with coughing of blood for 2 ...


Saddle pulmonary embolism on axial CT

Axial contrast enhanced CT shows a large pulmonary embolism (arrow) saddling the bifurcation of the pulmonary arteries. Pulmonary embolism is ...


Painless right upper inner thigh mass on CT

This 26 y/o male presented with a right upper inner thigh mass for over a year. The mass was painless ...


Mycotic right hepatic artery aneurysm on hepatic arteriogram

27 year old Hispanic male presented with 1 month of subjective fevers and night sweats. Clinical labs showed S.viridans in ...


Anterior shoulder dislocation on x-ray

#AnteriorShoulderDislocation prior to #reduction my patient yesterday. 87 yo F trip and fall. #HeadContusion #CT imaging negative. Reduction was successful. ...


Diffuse abdominal pain and hyperactive bowel sounds on CT

25 y.o. F w/ PMH of lupus vasculitis, APLS, HTN and 4 CVAs admitted w/ 2 days substernal chest pressure. ...


Right internal iliac aneurysm, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary emboli on CT

87 yo M hx of #AAA s/p EVAR repair with right internal iliac #aneurysm and type II endoleak present on ...

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