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All kidneys-ureters-bladder-and-adrenals Cases

Kidney stone

This patient stone for lift kidney


Removed foley catheter

70-year-old male came to ED from home for bilateral leg swelling. Triage nurse noticed thick cloudy urine with sediment in ...


Urine of patient with severe dehydration

89+ y/o F pt was chasing a cockroach, stepped into the empty bathtub to kill it, and slipped and fell. ...


Bladder stones

Bladder stones post transurethral cystolitholapaxy. These were removed from a 78 year old male patient. #lablife


Renal tumor gross specimen

Gross appearance of a renal tumor. Histology in progress.


Green urine

A 75 year old female patient who had a recent surgery. She has a Hx of dialysis and recent renal ...


Pyuria and urinary retention

79yo male presented to ED with confusion and abdo pain. When asked what yr we are in, he said 1945.. ...


Upright MRI

1. Great position for t-spine. This is just an example of a #uprightmri #mri 2nd shows table tilting back to ...


Mass on echo of posterior mitral valve leaflet

Posterior leaflet of #Mitral-valve with unusual mass. Undiagnosed presently. + severe MR. Pt is 1 day post-partum, prev healthy, normal ...



#Nephrolithiasis 31y G5P4004 32w0d brought these wrapped in tissue. Clinic visit 1 wk ago for c/o severe right flank pain. ...


Duodenitis on duodenal ultrasound

24 y/o college sports player, presents to ER with severe epig pain and unable to eat...thickened duodenal wall (5mm) Duodenitis


Infected revision of arteriovenous fistula

infected revision of avf


Potter Syndrome on ultrasound

35YOF G4P2A1 #ultrasound #Pregnancy



Fluconazole is an Azole antifungal drug, which decreases ergosterol synthesis & interferes w/ fungal cell membrane formation. Beware QTc prolongation, ...


Large small cell tumor attached to the chest wall

66 y/o #Smoking gardener with history of #Pesticide inhalation presented with increasing shortness of breath and #Chest-wall pain. Large small ...


3cm proximal ureteric tumor

85yo male with a history of haematuria. CT scan demonstrated proximal ureteral obstructive tumor. Laparoscopic left nephrouretherectomy with a vesical ...


Bladder stone formed around a foreign body

36yo Male, non psychatric, complaining of disuria with no obstructive or neurogenic bladder symptoms. After cystolitotomy, we identified a strange ...


Pyelonephritis on kidney CT

Oblique coronal contrasted CT image of the kidneys in a teenager with flank pain & fever shows patchy foci of ...


Elevated creatine kinase on blood work

45 year old male with a CK of 48,960. Pt was trying to Cross US-Mexico border. Was out in the ...


Squamous cell carcinoma on histology

#Squamous-cell-carcinoma #Folliculitis #Sebaceous-glands there's a lot going on here. I'm thinking Scc more opinions please thanks.


ECG changes secondary to hyperkalemia

Evidence of severe #Hyperkalemia in a pediatric patient with severe potassium losing nephropathy requiring home TPN with 200 mEq/L KCl. ...


Blunt force trauma leading to hematuria

21 years old white male who consults 48 hours after receiving one single blunt force trauma to the left flank, ...


Hand Foot Mouth Disease

difficult case for me, 32 y.o. Make librarian presents with rash for 1 day. No significant past medical history, no ...


Oxacillin and cefazolin general information

#Oxacillin and #Cefazolin are two go-to drugs for methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA). Cefazolin has Gram negative coverage (Proteus, E. coli, ...


Tigecycline general use information

Tygacil (#tigecycline) only comes IV... Adjust for hepatic dysfunction, no adjustment for renal dysfunction... Typical dose is 100mg load, then ...


Obturator hernia on CT

90+ year-old woman admitted for vomiting and renal failure. Bowel obstruction suspected. CT shows obturator hernia so emergent surgery is ...


Bladder foreign body

Foreign body removed from bladder, patient presented with hematuria. Patient was apparently clearing brush and had a branch pass up ...


Fetal lobulation of kidney on renal ultrasound

US in a 1-month-old shows fetal lobulation of the kidney. As children age, the normal smooth outer border develops; however, ...


IV metronidazole and usage information

#Metronidazole has a range of uses including for Protozoa and anaerobic bacteria. It works against Gram negative anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis. ...


Cystic mass on abdominal CT

13 y/o female pt presents to the ED c/o intermittent right flank pain radiating into right groin onset 1 day ...

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