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painful erythema over the neck and face

53 years old male presents with this no painful erythema well-spread over his neck and face.continuous presenting symptoms from about ...


Acanthosis nigricans

Middle-aged female with intensely pruritic rash to neck, axillary (intertrigo?), abdomen, groin and upper extremities for 4 weeks. No response ...


Plasmodium vivax schizonts stage in a thin smear

Plasmodium vivax schizont stage in a thin smear of a patient. Note that the number of merozoites contained in the ...


Bilateral swelling of the jaw in cherubism

14 year old male.Condition started since he was a toddler and progressively increasing. Differentials ? Students give it a try


Unwarmed EDTA sample

how can you explain the Hb HCT results ?


Chronic left ankle pain on x-ray

ironically this was his chief complaint was left ankle pain for many years. "I sprained my ankle badly in a ...


CT of acute on chronic subdural hematoma

Vomiting,coma. Anticoagulation with Warfarin. INR 4,0


Anopheles albimanus larvae - cause of Malaria

Anopheles albimanus larvae, objective 4x #Malaria #Parasite-infections


small bowel obstruction on x-ray

40yof 1 week post hysterectomy c/o sudden onset vomiting last bowel movement 2 d ago. Abdo pain max in (L) ...


laryngeal cartilage chondrocytes on pathology slide

Prove your hystological knowledge. First person to name this tissue and the main structural parts will be the featured answer! ...


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


Raynauds disease superficial healing ulcer at third phalanx

Acute #Raynauds-disease flare x 3 months to right 5th digit and right great toe. Attempted to improve perfusion with Amlodipine ...


Fibrotic trauma of tongue progressing towards back

update to first case upload. 40 yo male, non smoker, heavy drinker. As in first upload noticed sore on tongue ...


Subungual hematoma

PT late 20's. came into my office with thier toe like this. toe has been like this x's 3 months ...


Fusarium soil borne fungi in culture medium

Fusarium is a genus of soil-borne fungi. Some species are known to colonize stored cereal grains not only causing losses ...


Atopic dermatitis

Female, 60 years old. She said that three days ago she had an allergic reaction. She presented bilateral eyelid edema, ...


Herpes simplex type II

54yof recently developed lesion on the back. painful plus blisters. Biopsy, surprisingly, identified Herpes Simplex Type II.. she has had ...


Follicular carcinoma

Follicular carcinoma. Microfollicles without cytologic atypia and small dark clusters


Jarisch herxheimer reaction on syphilitic patient

A 30-year-old male patient, Hatiano, with no clinical complaints, in a routine appointment, performed a treponemal positive test, VDRL: 1/64. ...


Chagas disease vector triatomine

Triatomine vectors of Chagas Disease: Triatoma in the left and right side and Rhodnius prolixus in the middle. #Parasite-infections


Diaphragmatic hernia on chest x-ray

70YOF presented with vague complaints of intractable pains, weakness, fatigue. Has had numerous surgical procedures on joints, including shoulder replacement ...


Bordatella bronchiseptica in lung culture

This is from a lung culture of a chronic lung patient growing a non lactose fermenting GNR that is oxidase ...


Leukoplakia premalignant lesion under the tongue

35 y/o non smoker, occasional drinker once a week came with the h/o this lesion for 3.5 years..not increasing drastically ...


Axillary abscess

50yof seen in the morning by a GP for second episode of axillary abscess.. prescribed oral antibiotics.. but the cause ...


Meningitis Cerebrospinal fluid

This is cloudy #csf in an elderly lady who came in with #sepsis and multilobar #pneumonia. She was growing #strep ...


Bacterial testing

A local doctor in Helmand, Afghanistan assists the @DrWithoutBorders team in carrying out isolation, identification and sensitivity testing of 3,000 ...


Bladder stones

Bladder stones post transurethral cystolitholapaxy. These were removed from a 78 year old male patient. #lablife


BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer

This is BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer. In the past we've used a closed system made by Merck ...


Leukocyte on cell smear

Note this leucocyte. It would be a segmented neutrophil or a rod neutrophil?


Ascites fluid from paracentesis

compare these 2 totally different ascites fluid obtained from a paracentesis. The one of the first patient, had a 29K ...

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