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All lower-limb Cases

Leukemia-associated marrow abnormalities in the femur on MRI

Cor fat-sat post-Gad T1 MRI in the same patient, recently diagnosed with leukemia, which caused the diffuse marrow abnormalities (with ...


Possible osteomyelitis and MRSA in a non-compliant diabetic

Neighbors called to have patient checked on, EMTs said they could smell this outside of the house. Hx of DM, ...


Bucket handle tear of the medial meniscus of the knee in CT

Young athlete with chronic knee pain. Diagnosis?


Osgood-Schlatter disease on x-ray

Pain around tibial tuberosity. Opinions on xray.



30 year old female with incidental hand and feet deformity seen at a medical mission clinic



40-something yo female from Guatemala with several year history of pruritic rash of lower extremities. Previously treated with a topical ...


Granuloma annularae

What are these lesions? 69 year old female that suddenly developed these lesions on the extensor surfaces of her arms ...


Tinea corporis

Skin lesions present on 4 yo. Seen in clinic. Mom has used both steroid cream and antifungal, neither seem to ...


Wound with hypergranulation

89+ yo female referred to homecare for wound care of BLE "stasis ulcers", which have been slowly worsening for years, ...


Severe eczema with secondary bacterial infection

15-yr-old, premenarche, female, history skin problems #rashes x13 years, in rural East Africa. C/o #Pruritus & some pain. Current lesions ...


Harvesting the fibula to be the new mandible

Harvesting the fibula and skin flap. This is the "clean" or non-cancerous part, and the neck dissection is the "dirty" ...


Squamous cell carcinoma

Pt with L iliac vein thrombosis , Oedema, developed this dry hardened cracked skin all over lower legs. PH of ...


Self inflicted gun shot wound

#Tattooing of gunpowder. This is common at war zones when soldiers use to shot themselves to get a sick-leave.. it ...


Traction in Haiti

Just returned from volunteering in Haiti. Such a valuable and eye-opening experience. I learned so much about providing nursing and ...


Total knee replacement postoperative wound care

Day one and three wound care of a total knee replacement on a 52 yo m. Doc said no padding ...


S1Q3T3 and tachycardia of pumlmoary embolism on ECG

45 yo obese male, had 2 weeks of seated computer training for work now in ER with shortness of breath. ...


Burn on feet

Burn caused by hot oil while cooking, plan of action please? Your burn dressing of choice?


Abrasion with delayed healing on lower leg

10 days ago suffered abrasion to the lower anterior leg. Has been soaking in peroxide and getting more painful with ...


Skin graft on foot

This is an update to a previous case of a woman that had her foot ran over by a truck. ...


Venous leg ulcer

82 y/o male with history of venous stasis ulcer to right lower leg. Ulcer presented initially when patient was hospitalized ...


Breech birth

Any guesses on why this little peanut had to be delivered via c-section?! Born at term to a G1, her ...


Genu varum and metatarsus adductus

just a little #Genu-varum with some #Metatarsus-adductus in a 14mo here for her well check. The treatment is observation and ...


Partial thickness burns on leg and knee

33 yom "fell asleep near campfire" sometime last night. A&Ox 4 gcs 15 secondary unremarkable. No hx (other than alcoholism) ...


Upright MRI

1. Great position for t-spine. This is just an example of a #uprightmri #mri 2nd shows table tilting back to ...


Salter-Harris Fracture on CT

Coronal CT in the same patient shows a Salter-Harris III fracture with epiphyseal intra-articular (white) & lateral physeal (black) components. ...


Insect bites

59 yo M pt, had started with 2-3 pruritic vesicles on right medial foot 1mo ago. Resolved, then had single ...


Contact dermatitis on feet

80 y/o man with this itchy rash symmetric on the top of both feet. Any thoughts as to what the ...


Hair tourniquet on toe of 4 month old baby

hair tourniquet 4month boy


Pyoderma Gangrenosum

A 44-year-old female presents to the ED with a CC of dizziness, fatigue, and menorrhagia of six months' duration. In ...


Leukocytoclastic vasculitis on legs

24 yo male. Thought to have infected insect bites. CBC, renal function normal. HIV, HepC neg. Swollen L ankle, aspirated ...

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