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Basal cell carcinoma of right ear with laceration on face

84yom. #Alzheimer-disease, otherwise in good health. Comes urged to show two lesions next to right ear and on right ear. ...


Harvesting the fibula to be the new mandible

Harvesting the fibula and skin flap. This is the "clean" or non-cancerous part, and the neck dissection is the "dirty" ...


Multiple myeloma and lytic lesions on skull x-ray

These are additional findings from skeletal survey #X-rays, labs and #Bone-marrow biopsy. The patient was diagnosed with #Multiple-myeloma and started ...


Lymphoma on PET scan

additional images on same patient. Probable diagnosis?


BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer

This is BCG for intravesical treatment of bladder cancer. In the past we've used a closed system made by Merck ...


Venous leg ulcer

82 y/o male with history of venous stasis ulcer to right lower leg. Ulcer presented initially when patient was hospitalized ...


Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

Female 71 years old with mediastinal neoplasm infiltrating the superior vena cava and right atrium (histology: thymoma type A). Clinical ...


Polyps in the cecum on colonoscopy

#Colon #Polyp(s) (LST-G) 3x2 cm in the #Cecum. Endoscopic mucosal resection was performed with argon plasma coagulation of the edges ...


Medication-related osteonecrosis of jaw on x-ray

Medication related osteonecrosis of jaw in 66yo Male with metastatic Prostate cancer , on Prolia


Adenocarcinoma in pleural fluid on histology

this is cell block of pleural fluid from a 48-year-old woman presenting with a 2-month cough and progressive dyspnea. seen ...


Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and death rates

Incidences of suicidal and accidental death are higher among European patients who have received hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) than ...


Bilateral papilledema on fundoscopy secondary to meningioma

Thought I would share my crazy case from this week... 44 yo male presents for routine eye exam. Complains of ...


Acute T-cell leukemia with lymphadenopathy and hepatosplenomegaly

6 year old male with a generalized lymphadenopathy for 6 months. Initially treated with steroids in Mexico. Biopsy of cervical ...


Tongue injury following seizure

Update: pt came back in for follow-up to show the current state. Reports that the "bite on tongue has healed". ...


Squamous cell carcinoma of the gingiva

58 yrs old lady/ underlying diabetis/ hypertension/ has been chewing betel nut leaves since early teens. P/w intraoral swelling for ...


Tuberculosis with acute myelopathy and brain lesions on CT head

59 year old male, presenting with 4 days of bilateral paraplegia with parestesia, hyporreflexia, and hypostesia (D6 dermatome, pain and ...


Adenocarcinoma of lung with metasteses to pericardium on axial CT

#pericardial-mets #lungcancer #Adenocarcinoma


Painless right upper inner thigh mass on CT

This 26 y/o male presented with a right upper inner thigh mass for over a year. The mass was painless ...


Pyogenic granuloma

Patient came in with a chief complaint of mass on 1st digit, right. HPI started 3 months prioir to admission ...


Subungal hematoma

25 yof presented to PCP after noticing a dark rim around her nail polish on 5th toe. She removed the ...


Enlarged right supraclavicular lymph node and chest x-ray

OK, this is going to be at least a three-part case; taking it step-wise, just like in real life. 75 ...


Pericardial effusion and bilateral pleural effusions on CT

81-year-old Caucasian male presented from the nursing home with about two weeks of generalized weakness. No fever, cough, edema, or ...


Large B-cell lymphoma on PET scans

PET and CT imaging are often used to ascertain changes in tumors. 1) PET scans of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, ...


Discoid area of erythema over anterior lateral knee on x-ray

55 yo female, one year hx knee pain, no trauma. Patient has been getting steroid injections at another facility with ...


Luminal A spindled areas and breast carcinoma

#Breast-cancer #Carcinoma not otherwise specified - spindled areas (genetic association?) 84 yo woman, previous thyroid papillary carcinoma and endometrial endometriod ...


Lesions in the right hemithorax and superior right extremity and screening test

A 72 y.o. man was evaluated due to these lesions in the right hemithorax and superior right extremity. A colleague ...


Mediastinal teratoma on chest CT

Chest CT shows a large anterior and middle mediastinal mass. The mass contains soft tissue density, fat density, and calcium ...


Surgical pathology specimen of enlarged uterus

53 y/o woman called 911 for trouble breathing. Scans showed enlarged uterus. Removed today, it weighed in at 37lbs.


Metastatic pancreatic cancer with splenomegaly

54 yo male with metastatic pancreatic cancer. Presents w fever (tmax 39.9 C), chills, hypotension and tachycardia. WBC 41.4 x ...


Phototoxic dermatitis

#Phototoxic-dermatitis from essential oil Bergamot .32 yo Male had Bergamot oil rubbed into abdominal skin ."to open Chakra. Went for ...

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