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Guttate Psoriasis

18 year old male with a history after using those surf wet-suit his body broke out in this lesions.No itching.This ...


Fracture of the anterior and posterior column of the acetabulum 3D reconstruction

both column acetabular #


Synovial ganglion cyst

Woman, 63 years with this cutaneos nodule , apparition since 2 months


Severe scoliosis on chest xray

Severe #Scoliosis secondary to traumatic injury in a 60 year old man


Rachitic rosary of rickets on chest x-ray

There is a bulbous appearance of the anterior ribs near the costochondral junction. This is most pronounced on the right. ...


Equipment graveyards

#GMHStories Equipment graveyards are a common site for northern Ghana hospitals. When equipment breaks down, there is no proper way ...


Pyelonephritis on kidney CT

Oblique coronal contrasted CT image of the kidneys in a teenager with flank pain & fever shows patchy foci of ...


Legg-Calve-Perthes disease on hip xray

Xray of hips in a child with R hip pain shows flattening, broadening, and sclerosis of the R fem head ...


Spinal cord edema on spinal MRI

Patient admitted through AE after a motocross injury where the pt came off their motorbike in the air and land ...


Reversal of the lumbar lordosis on MRI

56 yr old man with back pain post MVA. I almost never see reversal of the lumbar spine. Straightening sure ...


hallux abductovalgus with bunion and hammertoe

59 year old female with pain in the forefoot ongoing for several years, difficulty with shoe gear. ASA 2 T2DM ...


Left femoral neck fracture

86yo F Left femoral neck fracture s/p fall on carpet. Pt had significant hx of smoking and CAD. Surgery was ...


Squamous cell carcinoma on histology

#Squamous-cell-carcinoma #Folliculitis #Sebaceous-glands there's a lot going on here. I'm thinking Scc more opinions please thanks.


Right atrial myxoma on echocardiogram

A massive right atrial myxoma prolapsing across the tricuspid valve.



Contrast T1 image in a 2 year old with refusal to bear weight shows disc narrowing, enhancing soft tissue along ...


Hand Foot Mouth Disease

difficult case for me, 32 y.o. Make librarian presents with rash for 1 day. No significant past medical history, no ...


Oxacillin and cefazolin general information

#Oxacillin and #Cefazolin are two go-to drugs for methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA). Cefazolin has Gram negative coverage (Proteus, E. coli, ...


Kissing contusions of tibia on coronal MRI

Cor T2 MR after soccer injury shows an articular surface fx w fragment depression at the anteromed aspect of the ...


Obturator hernia on CT

90+ year-old woman admitted for vomiting and renal failure. Bowel obstruction suspected. CT shows obturator hernia so emergent surgery is ...


Spinal abscess on sagittal spinal MRI

73yoM on dialysis complaining of difficulty walking, fever and elevated white count. Exam reveals distal motor strength of 2/5 bilaterally ...


Traumatic lesion to lower extremity

46 year old male, fell about 15 foot off his ladder when trimming tree branches. The tree branch hit him ...


Resection of the femoral shaft and periosteal osteosarcoma

*UPDATE* Partial resection of the femoral shaft due to parosteal osteosarcoma. Reconstruction using autologous non-vascularized fibular graft. Osteosynthesis with lateral ...


Scoliosis curve correction on xray

16 y/o w/ double 80 plus #Scoliosis curve. Pt & parents very happy #Back-pain #spine #spinesurgery #spinefusion #Osteotomy #scoliosiscorrection #pediclescrews ...


Non-hodgkin lymphoma of femur on xray

*UPDATE* on the 44yo male with a primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the bone presenting as a solitary femoral lesion. The ...


Chronic foot ulcer in smoker with diabetes

50yM diabetic smoker comes into your office saying this ulcer has been there for ~2 months and won't heal, he ...


Fracture of right zygomatic arch, anterior mandibular body and hard palate

a great example as to why you wear helmets when you ride ATV's. 4 people on a ride along ATV. ...


Paraspinal mass on x-ray

Patient is a 10 month old w fever. #Chest x-ray shows an elongated left paraspinal mass. There are no rib ...


Primary B cell lymphoma of bone on femur xray

44yo male complaining of growing pain and swelling of the left thigh over 2 months. This X-ray was the first ...


Serum sickness rash following antivenin treatment

stung by wasp, developed severe diarrhea in 6 hours. GI symptoms resolved, pt developed rash accompanied by fevers. bright red ...


Calcinosis on chest x-ray

Thic radiograph was shown to me by my collegue residents, only history that i know is that it is a ...

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