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Right-sided neck mass of Hodgkins Lymphoma

Patient is 4 yo M immigrant from Malaysia (5 months ago) presents with right sided neck mass that has been ...


Tinea capitis

7 yo male with history of intermittently pruritic, flaky rash that started 2 months ago was treated (and failed) with ...


Swollen epiglottis in epiglottitis on x-ray

Lateral radiograph of the airway shows a markedly thickened epiglottis (arrow) and aryepiglottic folds. This appearance of the epiglottis has ...


Psychogenic Prurigo

72 yo female with these itchy-burning lesions all over the body for 20+ years. Improvement, but not disappearance in spring- ...


Cystic hygroma

Male patient 2day with Cysric hygrooma


Erythema nodosum

Spot diagnosis. My first time seeing this in children.


Degenerative disease with cord compression

adult. Male. patient reports intense pain in the cervical region and numbness in right arm. Reports feeling shock in the ...


progressively enlarging growth in supraclavicular region

F/35 yo. Mass in supraclavicular region for 6 years. Rapidly enlarging for 1 year. No pain and tenderness. Dx?


Pityriasis rosea

The progression of Pityriasis Rosea. I originally posted a few images of a circular rash that was mistaken for ringworm. ...


post-tracheostomy cosmetic defect

Patient 18 y/o 1 year ago got injured in a road accident.Tracheostomy was done. Patient complains of cometic defect. Excision ...


Congenital cranioverterbral abnormality on MRI

congenital craniovertebral junction abnormity including basilar invagination, assimilation of atlas, atlanto-axial subluxation and C2-3 fusion.the last two pics were the ...


contused wound of chin

Patient 27 y.o. got injured due to falling. Contused wound of chin. PST was done.


foreign body removed from nose

this is the metal screw cap removed from the child's nose in my previous case


inflammatory polyp of the right tonsil

inflammatory polyp of the right tonsil. Small polyploid lesions of the tonsil are not uncommon with chronic tonsillitis. This is ...


perihyoid hematoma obstructing airway

Hypopharyngeal, floor of the mouth and submandibular hematoma. Fortunately epiglottis and true laryngeal structures were not affected, it was mostly ...


Necrotic inflamed lymph nodes in the left neck in an infant

Axial contrast-enhanced CT in an infant shows a conglomeration of partially necrotic inflamed lymph nodes (black) in the left neck ...


left tonsillar enlargement in supine patient

37 year-old female previous long standing history of recurrent tonsillitis . Six months progressive left tonsillar enlargement , odynophagia , ...


Vocal cord granulomas caused by traumatic extubation

This can happen after forced intubation....it an easy one, I know what we are looking at but do you. Let's ...


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


Fibrotic trauma of tongue progressing towards back

update to first case upload. 40 yo male, non smoker, heavy drinker. As in first upload noticed sore on tongue ...


cavernous hemangiomas in upper chest

A 2 months old baby girl presented 2 weeks ago w/ shortness of breath & hoarseness of voice/stridor. She was ...


Fracture of the femur on x-ray

10 y.o male presented to the ER with severe pain & tenderness in the thigh; his description of the mode ...


lateral boarder of tongue lesion - biopsy results pending

Canker sore or early SCC?. Male of mixed race, 40 years old. Non smoker but consumes alcohol heavily. Current health ...


Follicular carcinoma

Follicular carcinoma. Microfollicles without cytologic atypia and small dark clusters


cervical CT after road traffic accident

27 y.o. male. car accident heat from back at 25mph. cervical paine , vertiginous syndrome, vomiting sensation. cervical plus T3 ...


Avulsion fractures on CT knee

Three avulsion fractures are present in this case. The vertically oriented fragment along the lateral tibia (pink) is known as ...


Pityriasis rosea

8 year old female presents with itchy rash on the flank, as well as similar neck rash that is less ...


Tracheal resection due to HPV exposure and subsequent cancer

Tracheal resection due to HPV exposure and subsequent Cancer. Sterile #Airway-(artificial) created to allow for direct insertion distal of margin ...



#thyroidectomy. #recurrent


Harvesting the fibula to be the new mandible

Harvesting the fibula and skin flap. This is the "clean" or non-cancerous part, and the neck dissection is the "dirty" ...

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