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Lymphoproliferative disorder

Woman, 33-year-old, born in Haiti and resident in Brazil since 2005 (urban area), shows an enlargement at cervical area that ...


Ingestion of fishing hook

57 year old who unknowingly ate cat fish with fishing hook



14 yr old boy. mild itchy, non tender, pliable lesion of months + - no hi if trauma or surgery, ...


Medical resources

medicine is a-changing! I enjoy on line learning, having info at my fingertips and interacting with colleagues of every age ...


Bougie Intubation with the Kiwi Grip

I was taught this while doing an intubation in the shock room. It gives you complete control of the tube ...


Bilateral chondrocutaneous remnants on neck

young female patient presented to the local primary care facility with a complaint other than the one in the picture ...


Acromioclavicular joint dislocation on x-ray

Acromioclavicular dislocation Type III of Rockwood. Reduction and fixing with Ziptight


Squamous cell carcinoma

65 yo male with (reportedly) 3 months of neck swelling, throat pain and dysphasia. He has lost 35 lbs in ...


Epidermoid cyst

9yo female with this small yellow papule has grown in size last few months. Thoughts?


Anterior Subluxation of C7-T1 on x-ray

Male in early 30's presented to trauma s/p motorcycle accident resulting in quadriplegia.


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

A team of researchers has identified inflammatory cells that play a key role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The ...


Subcorneal pustular dermatosis

is this a case of Sneddon Wilkinson, and how would you treat it? 62yo woman, asymptomatic l├ęsions, treatment with oral ...


Verruca vulgaris

Common Warts (Verruca vulgaris) in a 24 years old patient. He presents Warts in the lips, neck, hands and thighs ...


Pedunculated papilloma

pedunculated pappiloma on the neck


Tracheo-innominate fistula

#Tracheo-innominate-fistula, a rare and often deadly complication of #Tracheostomy! Yellow arrow points to the tracheostomy stoma, black arrow points to ...


Speaking valve

PSA: this is why it's important to clean and replace speaking valves regularly.



28 years old, complains of sore throat in duration of more than 2 weeks, at the begining intense pain followed ...


Icthyosis vulgaris chronic management

Male of 24 years old, know in the dermatology service since 10 years ago for presenting Ichthyosis. The patient starts ...


Hodgkins Lymphoma of the right neck

Patient is 4 yo M immigrant from Malaysia (5 months ago) presents with right sided neck mass that has been ...


Tinea capitis

7 yo male with history of intermittently pruritic, flaky rash that started 2 months ago was treated (and failed) with ...


Swollen epiglottis in epiglottitis on x-ray

Lateral radiograph of the airway shows a markedly thickened epiglottis (arrow) and aryepiglottic folds. This appearance of the epiglottis has ...


neurotic excoriations

72 yo female with these itchy-burning lesions all over the body for 20+ years. Improvement, but not disappearance in spring- ...


Cystic hygroma

Male patient 2day with Cysric hygrooma


Erythema nodosum

Spot diagnosis. My first time seeing this in children.


Degenerative disease with cord compression

adult. Male. patient reports intense pain in the cervical region and numbness in right arm. Reports feeling shock in the ...


progressively enlarging growth in supraclavicular region

F/35 yo. Mass in supraclavicular region for 6 years. Rapidly enlarging for 1 year. No pain and tenderness. Dx?


Pityriasis rosea

The progression of Pityriasis Rosea. I originally posted a few images of a circular rash that was mistaken for ringworm. ...


post-tracheostomy cosmetic defect

Patient 18 y/o 1 year ago got injured in a road accident.Tracheostomy was done. Patient complains of cometic defect. Excision ...


Congenital cranioverterbral abnormality on MRI

congenital craniovertebral junction abnormity including basilar invagination, assimilation of atlas, atlanto-axial subluxation and C2-3 fusion.the last two pics were the ...


contused wound of chin

Patient 27 y.o. got injured due to falling. Contused wound of chin. PST was done.

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