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Ovarian mass

Huge right ovarian mass, well capsulated intact, mixed solid, cystic, highly vascular, 15×15 cm


Choosing Wisely Canada

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) has joined Choosing Wisely Canada, a national clinician led campaign to reduce unnecessary care. The ...


Ectopic pregnancy

this case is what we call an ectopic "cornual" pregnancy. As you may know, ectopic pregnancies occur when a fertilized ...


Syphilis advert

"Danger! Syphilis Wrecks Marriage" states this 1937 notice from the US Public Health Service, encouraging people to #gettested for syphilis ...


Vintage specimen jars

A collection of vintage specimen jars from #behindthescenes at the museum. We take great care to preserve our collections as ...


Placenta from triplet

healthy appearing triplet #Placenta. Each arrow points to the 3 fetal surfaces of the placenta, each displaying its own umbilical ...



28yo F with multiple sores on scalp. Originally thought to be severe dandruff. Exacerbated by wet hair worn tight against ...


Polyhydramnios in ultrasound

pretty baby. Unexplained #Polyhydramnios


Decidual cast

G1P1 presents with specimen pictured above. Mentioned having breakthrough bleeding on contraceptive pill and stopped pill. Pt reports having brown ...


Left transverse venous sinus thrombosis

IMAGE FOR RADIOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION. 30-year-old female patient makes continuous use of contraceptive presented sudden headache without improvements with drug treatment ...



Female 49 years old with history of atopic dermatitis treated with 10mg hydroxycinine and Quadriderm. It denies chronic-degenerative. It is ...


Polydactyly with an extra thumb in Trisomy 13

my first polydactyl baby in 20 years of practice. Extra thumb. 39 weeks gestation, normal healthy pregnancy and baby. I ...


Monochorionic monoamniotic twins showing the placenta

my first C-section as a medical student. What type of twins?


Small bowel in an omphalocele in a newborn

newborn male infant found on exam to have small #Omphalocele. This was not noted at delivery. Infant was fed (breastmilk) ...


bluish discolouration of dorsal surface of tongue

8 week old with blue tongue. Exclusively Breast fed. Mom has not initiated any home treatment for thrush.


erythema and swelling of right breast

22yo female, breastfeeding for 3 months but pumping only. pt cannot latch infant. pt does not have mastitis, and does ...


CT of acute on chronic subdural hematoma

Vomiting,coma. Anticoagulation with Warfarin. INR 4,0


Conjoined twin delivery

conjoined male twin delivered by C/S they share one heart and one liver but the other organs are separated, they ...


Polycystic Ovary disease

Female, 30 years old. She has continuous pain in the left iliac fossa there are 30 days. She noticed increased ...


small bowel obstruction on x-ray

40yof 1 week post hysterectomy c/o sudden onset vomiting last bowel movement 2 d ago. Abdo pain max in (L) ...


Melanoma in patient with history of breast carcinoma

48 y/o female with PMH of ductal carcinoma in right breast ER- PR+ HER2- stage IIB diagnosed 3 years ago ...


amnioreduction for polyhydramnios related to duodenal atresia

This is the result of an amnioreduction performed at 30 weeks secondary to maternal discomfort. This patient's fetus has a ...


retained products of conception on USG abdomen after suction

35 yo F G5P2022 s/p elective termination of pregnancy supposedly at 12w with a Suction #Dilation-and-curettage-(D-&-C) however found to have ...


placenta percreta hystrectomy specimen

G4 P3 all by c/s placenta percreta hystrectomy term baby alive and well


Ectopic pregnancy

Rare case of unruptured slowly leaking ectopic pregnancy that presented with abnormal vaginal bleeding in 22yr old woman. Estimated gestational ...


Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation associated with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

18F. 30wks pregnant. Severe Epistaxis and Hemoptysis. What is the finding? How do we know. What else do we need ...


c-section scar ectopic pregnancy

gray arrow pointing to normal uterus. Yellow to c section scar ectopic encompassing most of the lower uterin segment. Surgical ...


mucinous adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid colon

Right ovary of a 65-year-old woman. What kind of tumor this might be? What are your guesses?


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


Aplasia Cutis Congenita Circumscripta awaiting USG for CNS communication

limited information.One day old newborn. Presented roughly 18 hours after delivery. Standard vaginal delivery. no forceps, no vacuum, no obvious ...

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