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Congenital glaucoma

this is a 20year old woman who had macrocornea since childhood .disgnose


Parasites in conjuctival sac

Microscopic image of a larval worm found live and crawling in the conjunctival sac of a male patient who came ...


Retinal tear

#Giant-Retinal-Tear (#GRT) — Examination, Part 1 — Middle aged male c̅ acute onset OD visual loss. Dx #GRT -Pre-op #BCVA ...


Erysipelas following forehead wound

female Pt 68yr, 4 days ago wound on forehead, no (self)treatment.. today more swollen and redness and also oedema upper ...


Anterior capsule opacity of the eye

5YOWF. First comprehensive eye exam. No visual or ocular complaints. VA: 20/20 OD/OS/OU. Can you name the incidental finding?


Posterior cerebral artery stroke on CT

49YOM presents to the er complaining of dizziness and "not being able to track things in his head." Also reports ...



Male, 50 years, came back from Africa like this. Has done medication (doesn't remember the name), with no improvement.


Central serous retinopathy in OCT

45y/o male presented with blurred #Vision and #Metamorphopsia in the right #Eye. First OCT showing central serous retinopathy (CSR) which ...


Conjunctival papilloma

24 y/o female patient, with no previous ocular symptoms, complaints that, 30 days ago, red areas appeared on her right ...



Fluconazole is an Azole antifungal drug, which decreases ergosterol synthesis & interferes w/ fungal cell membrane formation. Beware QTc prolongation, ...


Filament formation attached to running suture in patient wearing scleral lens.

Filament formation attached to a running suture in a patient wearing a scleral lens. Likely an accumulation of mucous with ...


3D facial reconstruction of fractured left eye socket

23 y/o m dx: mpi 2' to va motorcycle accident. 3d facial reconstruction. L eye socket totally busted floors both ...


Iris in albinism on slit lamp examination

Here's a slitlamp photo of the #Iris of a patient with #Albinism. In this retroillumination technique, light is directed through ...


Corneal neovascularization

Another asymptomatic contact lens overwear patient. 62CF presenting with no complaint. Wearing a brand of soft lenses that are no ...


Retinal detachment due to diabetic retinopathy

Moderate #traction-retinal-detachment from #diabetic-retinopathy. Remove vitreous periphery. Next gently pull up hyaloid and scar from nerve surface and inject perfluoropropane ...


fluorescein exam showing optical abrasion

pt is a 70 yo female who accidentally scratched herself in the eye. Eye exam was normal except for the ...


Retro-orbital abscess on xray and CT

15 year old male with worsening right sided headache over 5 days, photophobia, some nausea, no systemic signs. Initially treated ...


EpiPen price increase

On Sept. 21, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch will appear at a U.S. congressional hearing over price increases for the EpiPen ...


Central retinal vein occlusion with neovascularization

83 y/o WM presented on referral from PCP due to "abnormal fundus appearance" and complaining of decreased vision OS for ...


Obturator hernia on CT

90+ year-old woman admitted for vomiting and renal failure. Bowel obstruction suspected. CT shows obturator hernia so emergent surgery is ...


Choroidal hemangioma on fundoscopy in Sturge Weber syndrome

11 month old with right sided port-wine stain and no neuro sx. Followed without diagnosis of sturge-weber. Finally referred to ...


Bilateral papilledema on fundoscopy secondary to meningioma

Thought I would share my crazy case from this week... 44 yo male presents for routine eye exam. Complains of ...


Subretinal hemorrhages on fundoscopy

25 yo male with hx of bilateral vitrectomies/ scleral buckle/ #Cryotherapy / lasers. High #Myopia-(nearsightedness) OU. Presents with "blank spots" ...


Tuberculosis with acute myelopathy and brain lesions on CT head

59 year old male, presenting with 4 days of bilateral paraplegia with parestesia, hyporreflexia, and hypostesia (D6 dermatome, pain and ...


Ocular lesions on eye examination

13YOWM with no history of ocular injury/infection. Incidental finding OS only. Pt had giant #Papillae OU and complains of infrequent ...


Retrograde flow in left ophthalmic artery on carotid doppler

Transient Left Eye Blindness after Exercise This 73 year old male with a history of transient left eye blindness after ...


Eye infection and treatment

9yo Hispanic female with history of eye infection for past month. Doctor at her school tried pataday and then emycin ...


Exposure keratopathy and infectious keratitis

Young man with exposure keratopathy and infectious keratitis. Performed a drawstring lateral tarsorrhaphy to help protect his cornea while still ...


Non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy on ophthalmic exam

38 y/o WF chief complaint blur vision at near. Meds: #Metformin, Trigenta, Insulin, Lantis, Paxil, Crestor, Imovane. FBS: 9-12, A1c: ...


LASIK and hypopigmented area on optical coherence tomography

32 yo AF here for 6 mo f/u for LASIK. Recent car accident 2 wks ago and has been noticing ...

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