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All oral-and-maxillofacial-surgery Cases

Fissure tongue

25 year old patient seen today complaining of anxiety on examination the tongue appeared as in the picture any thought ...


Thoracic outlet syndrome on x-ray

pt transferred to our hospital after being diagnosed with glenoid fossa fx. i don't see it. do you? no other ...


Congenital upper eyelid coloboma

Congenital coloboma of upper eyelid! 7 yo pt. Surgery will be soon!


Squamous cell carcinoma

65 yo male with (reportedly) 3 months of neck swelling, throat pain and dysphasia. He has lost 35 lbs in ...


Pharyngeal Vesicles

Pharyngialvesicles. Hx : a 25 yo male with sorethorat for 10 days which is not worsened with eating. No hx ...


Choosing Wisely Canada

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) has joined Choosing Wisely Canada, a national clinician led campaign to reduce unnecessary care. The ...



a severe case of #Bruxism in a 64yr old male


Lichen Planus in mouth

55 years old female with 3 months history of discomfort of oral cavity. what is your differential diagnosis?


Sialodochitis secondary to trauma

Sialodorchitis secondary to trauma due to accidental carriage of the carrillo and stent delivery. Dilation of the duct with ectasia ...


Dental implant

28 year old male patient. Missing #30 for over 10 months. 5x10 mm implant placed in site! First implant surgery. ...



28 years old, complains of sore throat in duration of more than 2 weeks, at the begining intense pain followed ...


Torus mandibularis

Abrupt growth of mandibular bone, known as torus. There is a close genetic and racial relationship and I observe how ...


Resolved granuloma

Apparent granuloma resolved spontaneously without intervention. Dental radiograph revealed practical absence of roots as permanent teeth advances. Patient now recalls ...


x-ray of displaced clavicle fracture

27yo male had a bike accident and landed on his shoulder. 1st xray were taken at the ER the day ...


Hodgkins Lymphoma of the right neck

Patient is 4 yo M immigrant from Malaysia (5 months ago) presents with right sided neck mass that has been ...


Facial swelling

two days of progressive facial swelling, raised inflammatory markers, no significant past medical history, what would you do with this ...


Pharyngeal swelling

Soft tissue swelling or mass? 27 y/o with cc congestion.


Squamous cell carcinoma with keratin pearls on tongue

55 y/o women complaint painless, non healing ulcer for one month duration and the size is increasing..biopsy done histo result ...


Furuncle in the right eyebrow with pus

Patient 26 y/o complains of swelling and painful infiltrate in right eyebrow area. The infiltrate was cut, washed with antiseptic ...


Bilateral acute tonsillitis with uvular deviation

Patient's chief complaint is sore throat. Patient is afebrile, strep test negative, cervical lymph nodes not enlarged. Patient is currently ...


Full boney impaction of a wisdom tooth

Full boney impaction #17 removed today after troughing the buccal bone and sectioning the crown.


Lateral canthus basocellular carcinoma of the eye

Lateral canthus basocellular carcinoma.


squamous cell carcinoma of left lower eyelid

Squamous cell carcinoma of lower eyelid. Full thickness lower eyelid resection with lateral canthtotomy and Tenzel flap reconstruction. The second ...


Tinea corporis on chest

11 year old boy whose cat ate a mouse 4 days ago, the cat died the same day, and the ...


Hard swelling in anterior mandible

history of bony hard swelling in anterior mandible for last 6 months. diffrentials?


acute on chronic subdural hematoma on CT brain

Vomiting,coma. Anticoagulation with Warfarin. INR 4,0


Root canal treatment

root canal treatment lower second molar .. protaper next . NaOCl irrigation . ADSEL sealer .


indications for the rapid Strep A test

Do you use Rapid Strep A test in your local practice ? Is it routinely used ? What criteria you ...


skin graft post Mohs surgery for basal cell carcinoma

Patient came in for Mohs surgery period after six stages he finally had a repair on his nose for a ...


facial lacerations from traumatic assault

Patient presented to the hospital following an assault to the face with a broken bottle. This was the 5th patient ...

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