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All oral-and-maxillofacial-surgery Cases

Monomorphic adenoma of palate

Monomorphic adenoma of palate. Originates from minor salivary gland tumor. With high risk of malignization. Your study and follow-up should ...


basal cell carcinoma

80 y/o patient, came to the plastic surgery resident consultation because she wants a solution for this lesion. She says ...


Harvesting the fibula to be the new mandible

Harvesting the fibula and skin flap. This is the "clean" or non-cancerous part, and the neck dissection is the "dirty" ...


Retained deciduous teeth

A 26 years old male patient came with the complaint of mobility of several teeth. On clinical examination it revealed ...


Autogenous tooth transplantation follow up

4th month follow-up on autogenous tooth transplantation. Assymptomatic, negative percussion test, no mobility, healed tissue. 3mm of depht upon probing, ...


Squamous cell carcinoma in supratonsillar region

85 year old man with throat ache for a week. On his examination this #ulcer was noticed on this right ...


Deep tongue laceration in infant

6 week old with deep tongue laceration with unknown mechanism of action. Workup for abuse performed. It is somewhat controversial ...


3D print of severe facial trauma

severe facial trauma due to a deployed recalled automobile airbag. The maxilla was basically completely destroyed. #3DPrinting


Warthin's Tumor in the tail of the parotid

60 y/o woman with slowly enlarging neck mass. Had rapid growth over 2 days and then decreased in size slightly ...


3D plaster of edentulous maxilla

3d plaster model of regular sized edentulous maxilla on left, extra large on right !


Verrucous carcinoma

Sublingual growth in an elderly man.Histopathology pending. Probably verrucous carcinoma. Has submental nodes.


Kaposi sarcoma

40-some y/o male with widespread, asymptomatic purple macules, plaques and nodules on trunk and extremities. The lesions are smooth, have ...


Aphthous ulcer and geographic tongue

30-year-old male complains of burning mouth pain x 1 week. Pain is made worse with eating and drinking. What are ...


Medication-related osteonecrosis of jaw on x-ray

Medication related osteonecrosis of jaw in 66yo Male with metastatic Prostate cancer , on Prolia



Fluconazole is an Azole antifungal drug, which decreases ergosterol synthesis & interferes w/ fungal cell membrane formation. Beware QTc prolongation, ...


Reduction and internal fixation of bilateral mandible fracture on x-ray

A case of bilateral mandible fracture. Reduction and internal fixation using titanium miniplates with screws.


Left maxillary sinus mass on MRI

Left maxillary sinus mass on MRI. CC chHA, facial pressure, relieved with sudafed and #NSAIDs. Sinuses not commented on in ...


Pleomorphic adenoma

26 year old female with pleomorphic adenoma operated one year ago, aggressive recurrence at the site of surgery with suspected ...


3D facial reconstruction of fractured left eye socket

23 y/o m dx: mpi 2' to va motorcycle accident. 3d facial reconstruction. L eye socket totally busted floors both ...


Macroglossia of Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome and tongue reduction surgery

Pre- and post-operative views following tongue reduction surgery for macroglossia in a patient with BWS. Top panel shows patient at ...


Impacted wisdom teeth with dentigerous cysts

Middle aged male dental patient presents with "chipping teeth", no pain. Incedental finding of impacted wisdom teeth with dentigerous cysts ...


Massive subarachnoid hemorrhage due to aneurysm on CT head

53 yo woman with massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. GCS 14. Angiography showed a blister-like aneurysm of the right carotid. Acute treatmen ...


Bimaxillary hypoplasia 3D hard and soft tissue simulation

19 yo male with bimaxillary #hypoplasia. #3D hard + soft tissue simulation for optimal surgical preparation and guidance. A: pre-op ...


Moxifloxacin general information

#Moxifloxacin (Avelox) is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. It should NOT be used for non-fermenting aerobic Gram negative rod, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It ...


Adenoid cystic carcinoma on histology

Histology from #hemimandiublectomy and #hemiglossectomy. Classic cribriform pattern of #Adenoid-cystic-carcinoma. Images 3 and 4 show #perineural-invasion, a typical feature of ...


Segmental Mandiblectomy and DCIA flap

45 yo BF long history of pseudoprognathism well circumscribed with sclerotic border. Biopsied and completely excised with segmental mandiblectomy and ...


Obturator hernia on CT

90+ year-old woman admitted for vomiting and renal failure. Bowel obstruction suspected. CT shows obturator hernia so emergent surgery is ...


Tongue injury following seizure

Update: pt came back in for follow-up to show the current state. Reports that the "bite on tongue has healed". ...


surgical approximation of vermillion border

First irrigate, irrigate, irrigate. Mark your white roll and Vermillion BEFORE injecting. Then clean up the frankly necrotic tissue and ...


Squamous cell carcinoma of the lip

A quick update on my 46yom lip SCC case with #Korsakoff's-psychosis, as some people kindly asked. This pic was taken ...

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