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All plastic-surgery Cases

Axillary abscess

50yof seen in the morning by a GP for second episode of axillary abscess.. prescribed oral antibiotics.. but the cause ...


Basal cell carcinoma of right ear with laceration on face

84yom. #Alzheimer-disease, otherwise in good health. Comes urged to show two lesions next to right ear and on right ear. ...


Molar pregnancy in ultrasound

Young female with vaginal bleeding, beta hCG is elevated. Diagnosis? Any guesses what her beta levels were?


basal cell carcinoma

80 y/o patient, came to the plastic surgery resident consultation because she wants a solution for this lesion. She says ...


Partial Traumatic Avulsion of the Thumb

Patient, male 45 years old, trauma 2 hours ago, patient came to ER. Mechanism: Patient was walking his dog on ...


Palm Laceration

Patient slices hand open with pocket knife while in the field trying to open a can of spaghetti-o's. Fixed this ...


Facial trauma

fall, trauma, gaping wound (5mm) corner of mouth, he had the same wound the same place a few years ago ...


Comminuted Fracture of distal phalanx

English: A 35-year-old patient, who consults for a 5-hour period of progression consisting of a crushing fourth-finger injury located in ...


Squamous cell carcinoma in supratonsillar region

85 year old man with throat ache for a week. On his examination this #ulcer was noticed on this right ...


Venous leg ulcer

82 y/o male with history of venous stasis ulcer to right lower leg. Ulcer presented initially when patient was hospitalized ...


Warthin's Tumor in the tail of the parotid

60 y/o woman with slowly enlarging neck mass. Had rapid growth over 2 days and then decreased in size slightly ...


Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

Female 71 years old with mediastinal neoplasm infiltrating the superior vena cava and right atrium (histology: thymoma type A). Clinical ...


Diaphragmatic tear pre and post repair on chest x-ray

65yr female admitted into ICU post multitrauma mainly chest . She had weaning failures and failed extubations. She was found ...


Buerger's disease

buergers disease. Patient has hx of chrons. Chronic smoker. CTA demonstrated occlusion distal to radial and ulnar arteries. Some collateral ...


Laceration on thumb

47 yo M decided to acquaint his thumb with a utility knife (no "before" pictures--sorry). Deep laceration, down to the ...


Nasal laceration and cellulitis

60-year-old male with a nasal laceration and cellulitis 48 hours after falling and hitting his nose against a door sill. ...


Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot at a very advanced stage. The only solution was amputation.


Medication-related osteonecrosis of jaw on x-ray

Medication related osteonecrosis of jaw in 66yo Male with metastatic Prostate cancer , on Prolia


Laceration on forearm

89F dementia patient, states fell over "at some point" the previous night onto a sharp corner of a chair, opening ...


Deep partial to full thickness left arm burn

deep partial to full thickness left arm burn in 13 month old male. Also with FOUR left arm fractures of ...


Inflammatory Abscess on chest

Inflammatory Abscess in 26 y.o. f. on the chest skin. It started as a simple pimple 25 days before of ...


Pyelonephritis on kidney CT

Oblique coronal contrasted CT image of the kidneys in a teenager with flank pain & fever shows patchy foci of ...


Pleomorphic adenoma

26 year old female with pleomorphic adenoma operated one year ago, aggressive recurrence at the site of surgery with suspected ...


3D facial reconstruction of fractured left eye socket

23 y/o m dx: mpi 2' to va motorcycle accident. 3d facial reconstruction. L eye socket totally busted floors both ...


Macroglossia of Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome and tongue reduction surgery

Pre- and post-operative views following tongue reduction surgery for macroglossia in a patient with BWS. Top panel shows patient at ...


Oxacillin and cefazolin general information

#Oxacillin and #Cefazolin are two go-to drugs for methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA). Cefazolin has Gram negative coverage (Proteus, E. coli, ...


Obturator hernia on CT

90+ year-old woman admitted for vomiting and renal failure. Bowel obstruction suspected. CT shows obturator hernia so emergent surgery is ...


surgical approximation of vermillion border

First irrigate, irrigate, irrigate. Mark your white roll and Vermillion BEFORE injecting. Then clean up the frankly necrotic tissue and ...


Laceration to peri-orbital area

#branch-in-the-face. 72 year old female fell on a stump, causing a laceration to her eyebrow, and a small laceration just ...


Third degree burns on left hand

teenage male suffered this trauma after holding an unknown fire work in his L hand. No copy of x ray, ...

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