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Blister from finger sucking

3day old neonate right hand hard mass can not empty non mobile ,hand /finger movements were normal.what can it be ...


Folliculitis of the shoulder and arm

26 y, female. Lesions appeared suddenly 4 days ago after eating meat, salad and avocado. Itchy, pustular appearence it has. ...


Lower lid ectropion with cataract and conjunctivitis

Clinical Eye: what important ocular pathologies can you see in the images?


Follicular repigmentation following a burns injury

12 yof burnt about a month prior to these pictures with boiling water spilt when a pot fell from a ...


Lateral canthus basocellular carcinoma of the eye

Lateral canthus basocellular carcinoma.


Squamous cell carcinoma of lower eyelid

Squamous cell carcinoma of lower eyelid. Full thickness lower eyelid resection with lateral canthtotomy and Tenzel flap reconstruction. The second ...


Systemic Lupus Erythematosis

Clinical Challenge: Female, 31 years old. Two years ago she noticed the appearance of bullous lesions in the anterior region ...


Synovial Hemangioma of the Knee

44 y/o F with intermittent knee pain and swelling for several years. What is your diagnosis?


alcinosis cutis

14 yr old healthy male presented with this. According to him he scraped his knee a few years ago and ...


Hard swelling in anterior mandible

history of bony hard swelling in anterior mandible for last 6 months. diffrentials?


Sswelling on back of the chest

60 year old pt with a swelling on back of chest, progressively increasing in size for 8 months. Mild burning ...


Axillary Vitiligo with Alopecia Areata

Patient: 15 y.o. Girl Visiting dermatologist because loss of pigment with #Alopecia - localized. Armpit. Since last weeks the spot ...


CT of acute on chronic subdural hematoma

Vomiting,coma. Anticoagulation with Warfarin. INR 4,0


skin graft post Mohs surgery for basal cell carcinoma

Patient came in for Mohs surgery period after six stages he finally had a repair on his nose for a ...


Polycystic Ovary disease

Female, 30 years old. She has continuous pain in the left iliac fossa there are 30 days. She noticed increased ...


specimen of mandibular sarcoma

Mandibular sarcoma in a female patient aged 18 years. Case recovered from history. 30 years ago we used the recess ...


post-mastectomy lymphedema

Female, 60 years old. Ten years ago she underwent a mastectomy to treat breast cancer. Two weeks after surgery she ...


Melanoma in patient with history of breast carcinoma

48 y/o female with PMH of ductal carcinoma in right breast ER- PR+ HER2- stage IIB diagnosed 3 years ago ...



What condition is shown that occurs as an inherited trait or genetic defect?


Contused wounds of cheek and lip

Patient 30 y/o got injured on training session (was kicked by leg). Contused wounds of cheek and lip. Primary surgical ...


gangrenous feet

65y /M known c/o DM, HTN, Smoker had endovascular intervention ?stenting a yr back but gangrene is progressing. what will ...


external carotid angiography of left facial artery feeding a hemangioma

a carotid angiography * left side*: -a 33 years old patient presented with severe bleeding from an acquired upper lip ...


hand burn management - referral centre criteria

55 y/o M presented to community hospital after slipping on broken tile and landing hand first in industrial deep fat ...


Mass on temporal area of head

Patient 66 y.o. complains of mass on the temporal area of the head. Mass appeared 5 years ago. Was removed ...


toe-to-thumb transfer outcome

Young male patient who lost his thumb due to trauma. We performed a toe-to-thumb transfer that took approximately 10 hours. ...


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


Raynauds disease superficial healing ulcer at third phalanx

Acute #Raynauds-disease flare x 3 months to right 5th digit and right great toe. Attempted to improve perfusion with Amlodipine ...


lacerated wrist sutures

pt stated that a cars hood fell on wrist that caused the lacerations. A case from a few months ago ...


cavernous hemangiomas in upper chest

A 2 months old baby girl presented 2 weeks ago w/ shortness of breath & hoarseness of voice/stridor. She was ...


Diabetic ulcer

54 year old male px. Hx of diabetes type 2. Per px, sugar is well controlled. Px is currently on ...

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