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All reproductive-organs Cases

Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis

60'year old lady with blotchy red rash on arms and leg but only in sun exposed areas. Had tried various ...


Normal pearly penile papules on glans penis

18 years old boy with red lesions on his penis,no history of sexual intercourse,what's the diagnosis?


Small bowel in an omphalocele in a newborn

newborn male infant found on exam to have small #Omphalocele. This was not noted at delivery. Infant was fed (breastmilk) ...



pt presents to ER with complaints of fever (103 on admit) chills, and body aches. She is status post #Cesarean-section ...


small bowel obstruction on x-ray

40yof 1 week post hysterectomy c/o sudden onset vomiting last bowel movement 2 d ago. Abdo pain max in (L) ...


Amnioreduction - 30 week fetus with duodenal atresia

This is the result of an amnioreduction performed at 30 weeks secondary to maternal discomfort. This patient's fetus has a ...


volvulus causing toxic megacolon

38 years old female pt presented to ER complaint of abd pain with chronic costipation but she had acut attack ...


retained products of conception on USG abdomen after suction

35 yo F G5P2022 s/p elective termination of pregnancy supposedly at 12w with a Suction #Dilation-and-curettage-(D-&-C) however found to have ...


placenta percreta hystrectomy specimen

G4 P3 all by c/s placenta percreta hystrectomy term baby alive and well


Ectopic pregnancy

gray arrow pointing to normal uterus. Yellow to c section scar ectopic encompassing most of the lower uterin segment. Surgical ...


mucinous adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid colon

Right ovary of a 65-year-old woman. What kind of tumor this might be? What are your guesses?


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


Abdominal wall hematoma on CT abdomen without any cause except coughing and senility

70 YO female patient. She has abdominal pain which started while she was coughing. She has HT, Diabetes. She doesn't ...


Ovarian torsion

17 yr old girl with right iliac fossa pain for 2 days. Associated vomiting, moderate rise in white cell count ...


Herpes simplex type II

54yof recently developed lesion on the back. painful plus blisters. Biopsy, surprisingly, identified Herpes Simplex Type II.. she has had ...


Torsion of testicle

A case of torsion of left testicle in a 21 year old. Could not save it as patient reported late. ...



healthy placenta (baby born good and well) #nhs #wales #placenta #baby #obstetrics #maternity #pathology #afterbirth #labour #blood #healthy #birth #naturalbirth ...


Benign serous cystadenoma on coronal T2-W MRI of the pelvis

Coronal T2-W MRI of the pelvis shows a giant fluid-containing mass (yellow arrow) arising from the left ovary. The normal ...


Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome triads on trans uterus USG

16F with history of irregular menstrual bleeding. Tougher case. These three images point to a specific syndrome.


Ashermans syndrome on hysterescopy

33 year old with secondary amenorrhea. No withdrawal bleed from Provera. SIS suggestive of #Asherman's-syndrome hysteroscopy done with lysis of ...


Emergency contraception

#Levonorgestrel and #Ulipristal are a #emergency #contraceptive indicated for prevention of #pregnancy following unprotected intercourse or a known or suspected ...


Radical Hysterectomy due to fibroids

40 year old female. nulliparous. presented with abdominal-pelvic pain, heaviness and distension. On physical examination patient was weak, malnourished, and ...


Squamous intraepithelial lesion on cervical histopathology

Cervix: High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion. Note normal exocervix on the left portion


Lymphoma on PET scan

additional images on same patient. Probable diagnosis?


Green urine

A 75 year old female patient who had a recent surgery. She has a Hx of dialysis and recent renal ...


Breech birth

Any guesses on why this little peanut had to be delivered via c-section?! Born at term to a G1, her ...


Placenta percreta

Placenta percreta


Right radical orchiectomy

Right radical #orchiectomy with no prosthesis on a 26 year old male (Pictured: right #testicle ) Patient waited one year ...


Mass on echo of posterior mitral valve leaflet

Posterior leaflet of #Mitral-valve with unusual mass. Undiagnosed presently. + severe MR. Pt is 1 day post-partum, prev healthy, normal ...


Scrotal hernia on pelvic CT

giant intestinal hernia into scrotum. Patient had for 10 years.

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