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Right-sided pneumothorax on chest x-ray

19y old boy, coming to the ER with spontaneous chest pain by playing football. #Pneumothorax


Empyema suspected due to leukocytosis on chest x-ray

elderly lady with increasing shortness of breath over the last week. WBC 24k


Pulmonary tuberculosis on chest x-ray

male aged 60 years with prolonged cough and fever. Unfortunately he didn't survive.


Hiatal hernia on x-ray

70 year old female with minimal PMH presents to clinic with non-productive #Cough for 6 months. What is the likely ...


Tracheal resection due to HPV exposure and subsequent cancer

Tracheal resection due to HPV exposure and subsequent Cancer. Sterile #Airway-(artificial) created to allow for direct insertion distal of margin ...


Klebsiella pneumonia on CT

50's alcoholic male and #Critically-ill-patient with #klebsiella PNA. Respiratory failure and septic shock at time of CT in image 1. ...


Pleural effusion on x-ray

64yo female, presents with SOB/DIB, Chest Pain. HxPC: Pt had nurse check vitals earlier this morning 94%RA, futher checks throughtout ...


Chest x-ray of a patient with Cystic Fibrosis

Chest x-ray shows changes of cystic fibrosis with bronchiectasis and circular opacities. The opacities represent mucoid impaction of bronchioles. CF ...


Ex Vivo lung perfusion

XVIVO Lung Perfusion. Practice Exam with Swine Lungs. #Perfusion


S1Q3T3 and tachycardia of pumlmoary embolism on ECG

45 yo obese male, had 2 weeks of seated computer training for work now in ER with shortness of breath. ...


Pneumothorax on x-ray

2/2. Update on precious case of #Pneumothorax . Obviously this is s/p chest tube placement in the ER, then the ...


Lung adenocarcinoma with metastases on chest CT

CT images of a past case #subcutaneous, #skin #mets of a #lung #adenocarcinoma


Miliary tuberculosis on chest x-ray

(Continued) Case of 39 yo male with history of 10 days fever and then confusion. A 'control' chest X-ray of ...


Tuberculous granuloma on histology

Pulmonary granuloma- Tuberculosis


Rachitic rosary of rickets on chest x-ray

There is a bulbous appearance of the anterior ribs near the costochondral junction. This is most pronounced on the right. ...


Tension pneumothorax bilaterally on chest x-ray

Bilateral Spontaneous #Tension-pneumothorax #Pneumothorax - patient walked in to the ED! Sorry about the poor quality image.


Smoking cessation

Helping patients cut down the number of cigarettes they smoke before quitting is an excellent first step. Gradual cessation has ...


Talus fracture on x-ray

#talus #Fracture in 38 y/o male from fall. One of the dangers of this type of fracture due to the ...


Contrast media aspiration on x-ray

patient presented with afib. This seen on cxr


Pulmonary insertion of a NGT on x-ray

Simple, but very important case for medical students and interns. Pulmonary insertion of a NGT. Second image taken after repositioning ...



Fluconazole is an Azole antifungal drug, which decreases ergosterol synthesis & interferes w/ fungal cell membrane formation. Beware QTc prolongation, ...


oblique x-ray of acute and healing rib fractures

An oblique chest image in a 4 month old demonstrates acute (red arrows) and healing (black arrow) rib fractures concerning ...


Large small cell tumor attached to the chest wall

66 y/o #Smoking gardener with history of #Pesticide inhalation presented with increasing shortness of breath and #Chest-wall pain. Large small ...


CT of cystic fibrosis

Follow up to last chest X-ray - that showed #Bronchiectasis. This CT shows dilated airways and the signet ring sign ...


Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis on lung CT

Axial CT of the chest shows multiple cysts of various sizes throughout both lungs. Pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis more commonly ...


Pleural effusion secondary to tuberculosis on chest xray

There is a 5-month time lapse between the 1st and 2nd x-ray. A thoracocentesis was done after the first presentation ...


Community acquired pneumonia on chest xray

A 5 y/o boy with history of community acquired pneumonia, under treatment with azothromycin for >48h, presenting with tachipnea, fever ...


Pulmonary tuberculosis on chest xray

This was a young aged male patient(21 yrs old) who came in walking in opd with complaint of cough since ...


Lung fibrosis with mediastinal shift on chest xray

30 year old female presented to Urgent Care Unit with upper back pain of 48 hours duration sudden in onset ...


Moxifloxacin general information

#Moxifloxacin (Avelox) is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. It should NOT be used for non-fermenting aerobic Gram negative rod, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It ...

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