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All shoulder-and-arm Cases

Purulent olecranon bursitis

47 y/o Caucasian male presents complaining of 3 days of left elbow pain redness and swelling. Pt denied any trauma ...


Supracondylar fracture on elbow x-ray

what is the type of fx ? (Elbow x-ray)


Fracture of distal 5th metacarpal

where is the fx ??


Dermatitis due to henna



Fractured clavicle from birth

vag delivery of a 9#14oz. Happy birthday!!!! First two pics, as it is, last two is to help out none ...


Breast cancer with mets

50yo F Dx with Breast Ca per needle bx. PETCT to complete staging. Patient opt'ed for lumpectomy only. No Chemo/hormone/ ...


Bullous impetigo on leg

17 yo females presents to UC complaining of 6 days of worsening "blisters" located at the left antecubital fossa and ...


Laceration on forearm

To the bone #Laceration with second degree burns from car crash received 13 sutures to the left forearm


Broomstick-type humerus fracture on x-ray

16 yr old male wrecked on his bicycle- flew over the handlebars. Typical broomstick-type fracture that might have been open ...


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

A team of researchers has identified inflammatory cells that play a key role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The ...



Sometimes specimens come into our care already needing some conservation TLC. This specimen is currently on exhibit in our skin ...


Resected fibula in osteosarcoma

13 year-old patient with osteosarcoma in right radius. After 7 sessions of chemo. Surgery: resection with 2cm limits + unconventional ...


Traumatic fingertip amputation

Traumatic fingertip amputation. Patient got his glove caught in a saw at work and it ripped off his fingertip. Needs ...


Upper arm ultrasound

Scanning a pt's R upper arm with US for PICC consideration and found the largest arm vein I've ever seen. ...


Intramuscular hematoma

huge intramuscular hematoma from im injection. a patient on warfarin for chronic af


Olecranon bursitis

54 year old woman with fall on elbow 2 months ago, swelling unimproved with conservative measures.


Icthyosis vulgaris chronic management

Male of 24 years old, know in the dermatology service since 10 years ago for presenting Ichthyosis. The patient starts ...


x-ray of displaced clavicle fracture

27yo male had a bike accident and landed on his shoulder. 1st xray were taken at the ER the day ...


X ray of displaced middle third clavicle fracture

Female presenting with a fractured clavicle one and half months after it happened. Todays Xray


Painful and restricted shoulder movment

shoulder pain x1 year, unknown injury. Weakness in arm, unable to lift arm, pain wakes patient up during sleep. Patient ...


Papular rash

13mo healthy boy with papular rash on right arm and small patch on right shoulder, now stable x 3-4 weeks. ...


Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis

60'year old lady with blotchy red rash on arms and leg but only in sun exposed areas. Had tried various ...



50M came in with what appeared to be times corporis, mildly itchy, non-painful, tried ketoconazole cream, 2 weeks later returned ...


Folliculitis of the shoulder and arm

26 y, female. Lesions appeared suddenly 4 days ago after eating meat, salad and avocado. Itchy, pustular appearence it has. ...


Recurrent Axillary Infection

Very painful inflammation under right armpit that is frequently reoccurring. She is currently taking oral bactrim with no improvement. Any ...


Congenital linear verrucous epidermal naevus

patient was born with this condition, no complaints of irritation , the patient is 6 years old and has been ...


Severe venous hematoma from a needle injury

Any guesses what happened here?


Human papilloma virus warts on the knee

13 yo female with skin lesions for a year, initially treated with 3 sessions of cryotherapy and then a unknown ...


right mid-shaft humerus fracture on x-ray

Spot the #fracture. What would you do next? 28 yo male, rtc. No other significant injuries.


inflammation of left elbow following traumatic incident

Male 59 years old with the treatment of levofloxacin 750mg VO c / 24Hrs, Meloxicam 15mg VO c / 24Hrs ...

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