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All shoulder-and-arm Cases

Intramuscular hematoma

huge intramuscular hematoma from im injection. a patient on warfarin for chronic af


Olecranon bursitis

54 year old woman with fall on elbow 2 months ago, swelling unimproved with conservative measures.


Icthyosis vulgaris chronic management

Male of 24 years old, know in the dermatology service since 10 years ago for presenting Ichthyosis. The patient starts ...


Displaced clavicle fracture

27yo male had a bike accident and landed on his shoulder. 1st xray were taken at the ER the day ...


X ray of displaced middle third clavicle fracture

Female presenting with a fractured clavicle one and half months after it happened. Todays Xray


Painful and restricted shoulder movment

shoulder pain x1 year, unknown injury. Weakness in arm, unable to lift arm, pain wakes patient up during sleep. Patient ...


Papular rash

13mo healthy boy with papular rash on right arm and small patch on right shoulder, now stable x 3-4 weeks. ...


Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis

60'year old lady with blotchy red rash on arms and leg but only in sun exposed areas. Had tried various ...



50M came in with what appeared to be times corporis, mildly itchy, non-painful, tried ketoconazole cream, 2 weeks later returned ...


Folliculitis of the shoulder and arm

26 y, female. Lesions appeared suddenly 4 days ago after eating meat, salad and avocado. Itchy, pustular appearence it has. ...


Recurrent Axillary Infection

Very painful inflammation under right armpit that is frequently reoccurring. She is currently taking oral bactrim with no improvement. Any ...


Congenital linear verrucous epidermal naevus

patient was born with this condition, no complaints of irritation , the patient is 6 years old and has been ...


Severe venous hematoma from a needle injury

Any guesses what happened here?


Human papilloma virus warts on the knee

13 yo female with skin lesions for a year, initially treated with 3 sessions of cryotherapy and then a unknown ...


Midshaft Humerus Fractures on x-ray

Spot the #fracture. What would you do next? 28 yo male, rtc. No other significant injuries.


Bursitis of elbow joint

Male 59 years old with the treatment of levofloxacin 750mg VO c / 24Hrs, Meloxicam 15mg VO c / 24Hrs ...


Winged scapula

57 YOF with rorator cuff tear planned surgery.. now sudden burning pain under right scapula asked me to see if ...


Glenoid fracture on shouldre x-ray

very old patient, fall, right shoulder injury, spot the fracture (if any!)


Psychogenic Prurigo

72 yo female with these itchy-burning lesions all over the body for 20+ years. Improvement, but not disappearance in spring- ...


Plain radiograph of elbow showing avulsed medial epicondyle

P radiograph of the elbow in a young child after an injury shows marked medial soft tissue swelling (white) with ...


Hard edema in left forearm

7-year-old child, male, checked in the Unit brought by her mother, showing hard edema in left forearm, and elbow showing ...



they are all on body.....and my friends the diagnosis is.......


Occlusive thrombosis of the left brachiocephalic vein

A 9 year-old male patient with history of end-stage renal disease secondary to posterior urethral valves received dialysis though a ...


Oncogenic osteomalacia

Adult female with years of chronic pain in various locations. One of them being the left humerus. No other relevant ...


Vertebral Metastases from prostate cancer

Incidental finding in L humerus of 25yo CM. Originally being evaluated for L shoulder pain. No pain in arm, no ...


Osteopetroses on x-ray

a few months old female with fetal alcohol syndrome and something else. Ideas?


Axillary Vitiligo with Alopecia Areata

Patient: 15 y.o. Girl Visiting dermatologist because loss of pigment with #Alopecia - localized. Armpit. Since last weeks the spot ...


fracture and dislocation of right shoulder x-ray

Female, 65 years old, motor car accident, fracture dislocation right shoulder


superficial thrombophlebitis post IV placement into left cephalic vein

IV placement into L cephalic vein of 76F 4 days ago. Increased swelling/pain and reduced range of movement. Incidental finding ...


chronic contact dermatitis from a purse strap on arm

60-something Caucasian female with rash under left upper arm for 1 month. Non-itchy, non-blanching, mild burning/hurting sensation. Flat and non-palpable. ...

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