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Osteogenesis imperfecta in infant x-ray

Term infant presented with dyspnea & tachypnea for 2 days , CXR was done & revealed multiple fractured & deformed ...


Thoracic outlet syndrome on x-ray

pt transferred to our hospital after being diagnosed with glenoid fossa fx. i don't see it. do you? no other ...


Medical resources

medicine is a-changing! I enjoy on line learning, having info at my fingertips and interacting with colleagues of every age ...



Patient: 47 y.o. Woman Visiting the dermatologist cause of a formation on the back - Th4. Since several years D: ...


Neuromyelitis optica



L4-L5 disc herniation on MRI

Pt presents with pain. Difficulty to walk. Left leg feels numb up to patella, pt states dead weight. Pt states ...


Spina bifida on ultrasound

29YOF G1P0 came to us with abnormal AFP levels. #ultrasound #spine #Sonogram #fetus


Anterior Subluxation of C7-T1 on x-ray

Male in early 30's presented to trauma s/p motorcycle accident resulting in quadriplegia.


Breast cancer with mets

50yo F Dx with Breast Ca per needle bx. PETCT to complete staging. Patient opt'ed for lumpectomy only. No Chemo/hormone/ ...


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

A team of researchers has identified inflammatory cells that play a key role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The ...


Multiple Stage IV decubitus ulcers

Multiple Stage IV decubitus ulcers in a stroke patient who was neglected at home for a couple years following stroke. ...


Lumbar fracture on x-ray

Female, 30 years old, fall from a height, fracture L1, compressed.


Achondroplasia on x-ray

Lateral view of the spine in the same patient shows thoracolumbar junction kyphosis, lumbosacral junction lordosis, short pedicles, & "beaked"/"bullet" ...


Sacral fracture on x-ray

adult pt, slipped on ice and fell on his/her bottom. Pain when sitting up from lying position. Diagnosis? Treatment?


neck and back pain on x-ray

I'm a Radiology student, today I had a 16yo male, MVA 3 weeks ago, complaining of mild neck and back ...


MRI of paraspinal mass mostly Extramedullary hematopoiesis

T1-W MRI in the same patient shows a mostly low signal intensity paraspinal mass typical of extramedullary hematopoiesis. Extramedullary hematopoiesis ...


Urticaria Multiforme

18yo male with 4 episodes of sudden onset pruritus & rash starting on scalp. Resolved within a day (fam dr ...


chronic left shoulder pain in supraspinatus region

33y/o F c/o Left sided shoulder pain in area of supraspinatus. All ortho tests indicative rotator cuff pathology. Incidental findings ...


L4-5 spondylolisthesis

78-year-old female with ten year history of low back and right leg pain to the foot. Axial T2 image is ...


sacroiliac joint pathology on x-ray

pelvic x ray of 50 yrs old woman complain of back pain which is intermittent since months and some limitation ...


Congenital cranioverterbral abnormality on MRI

congenital craniovertebral junction abnormity including basilar invagination, assimilation of atlas, atlanto-axial subluxation and C2-3 fusion.the last two pics were the ...


hydrocephalus from VP shunt obstruction

20 year old Hispanic female born with PMHx of spina bifida cystica and #Dandy-Walker-malformation at birth presents with decreased arousal ...


Renal stone in the right ureter

Pt is a 20yo Caucasian obese male he came into our urgent care complaint over right sided flank pain that ...


volvulus causing toxic megacolon

38 years old female pt presented to ER complaint of abd pain with chronic costipation but she had acut attack ...


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


Abdominal wall hematoma on CT abdomen without any cause except coughing and senility

70 YO female patient. She has abdominal pain which started while she was coughing. She has HT, Diabetes. She doesn't ...



Here is the follow up to my earlier case: The US was done, and it was completely normal, both at ...


Astrocytoma extending from T7 to T9 on MRI

Previously healthy 32 year old male with no significant medical history. Complained of abdominal and lower back pain and now ...


Avulsion fractures on CT knee

Three avulsion fractures are present in this case. The vertically oriented fragment along the lateral tibia (pink) is known as ...


Rheumatoid arthritis with Boutonniere Deformity

Rheumatoid Arthritis 55yo F RVD + Presents with: RA related pain-> NSAID abuse leading to upperGIT(Peptic Ulcer) bleed -> anaemia ...

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