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Pneumomediastinum on chest x-ray

sometimes abdominal pain is not only about abdomen.


Retroperitoneal mass resection

52 yo Male. 23 kg #Retroperitoneal mass resection. Right #Nephrectomy. No sympthoms. He just complained of abdominal diameter increase. 3 ...


Subtotal gastrectomy for gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumor

subtotal #Gastrectomy for a very large #Gastrointestinal-stromal-tumor (GIST) of the #Stomach, found in a 32 year old female. All GISTs ...


Sleeve gastrectomy

39 yo female with a 39 BMI.(1st case) 64 yo male with a 43 BMI.(2nd case).Differences in #sleevegastrectomy items with ...


Tinea corporis on abdomen

59yo male. Itch all over his body, mostly around belly. DMT2(+). Psoriasis? Diabetic dermopathy?


Candida albicans

#Esophagus and #Stomach. Can you guess the etiologic agent here? Picture taken at the Pathology Museum from Mexico's General Hospital.


Allergic reaction

50 year old female presents to ER with this rash. Fever 100.5 orally. Primary care doctor sent patient to ER ...


Incisional hernia

2 years ago case. 76year old lady with massive incisional hernia. She had this hernia for around 20 years. She ...


Munchausen syndrome by proxy

2yo M previously healthy with reported 3 weeks of diarrhea and emesis. Clinically stable. No emesis or diarrhea episodes since ...


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

A team of researchers has identified inflammatory cells that play a key role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The ...



A few things here - why strychnine? It's a deadly poison used for pest control, but in past centuries it ...


Doctors Without Borders in Burundi

@DrsWithoutBorders operate on a girl injured by a stray bullet to the stomach in Bujumbura, Burundi. MSF’s trauma centre includes ...



66 YOF with a 6 week history of abdo pain and significant weight loss. One episode of #Hematemesis previously- admitted ...


Abdominal x-ray of ingested metallic foreign body

Abdominal x-ray shows an ingested metallic foreign body. Most ingested foreign objects will pass through the gastrointestinal system without complication. ...


Itchy raised rash on mole

25 year old female patient presented with itchy raised rash on mole. She also noticed the mole in the second ...


Bezoar of hair from the stomach in trichophagia

Bezoar removed from 14yr old patients stomach. She had been eating her hair for quite some time


Small bowel in an omphalocele in a newborn

newborn male infant found on exam to have small #Omphalocele. This was not noted at delivery. Infant was fed (breastmilk) ...


colorectal cancer in sigmoid specimen

Colon cancer Stage 3 B Sigmoid Resection


Pityriasis rosea

The progression of Pityriasis Rosea. I originally posted a few images of a circular rash that was mistaken for ringworm. ...


hair and fibres on abdominal endoscopic image in pica

UPDATE: the patient history that was left out: patient had black vomitus x2 containing tufts of hair. Upper GI series ...


Snakeskin gastric mucosa lesion

PX 67y, female with DM, AH, sick one mouth ago with dumping complaints, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, little daily consumption ...


Gastric adenocarcinoma with associated lymph node involvement

This is the endoscopy and endoscopic US/bx of the gastric mass and associated lymph nodes.


gastrointestinal stromal tumor on endoscopic ultrasound

Endoscopic and endoscopic ultrasound images of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs). What features of submucosal tumors indicate that they should be ...


Orlistat anti-obesity agent

#Orlistat is a anti-obesity agent that works in the #gastrointestinal tract by reducing the absorption of fat from food, which ...


Metastatic signet ring cell adenocarcinoma of the umbilicus

Metastatic signet ring cell adenocarcinoma to the umbilicus. Most common origin is from the GI tract. Also known as Sister ...


Gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Another Gastric tumor... this one is a GIST...


lymphoepithelioma like thymic carcinoma in histopathology

this is are H&E slides of a cell block from the pleural fluid of a 61/F presenting with masses in ...


Abdominal wall hematoma on CT abdomen without any cause except coughing and senility

70 YO female patient. She has abdominal pain which started while she was coughing. She has HT, Diabetes. She doesn't ...


Chest X-ray of the patient with history of cough

72 year old male presented with history of dry #Cough for 7 days and became productive with blood for 3 ...



Radiograph of the abdomen shows multiple loops of bowel outside of the abdominal cavity. This infant was born with a ...

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