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All abdomen Cases

skin abnormality on abdomen

Female, 49yo, complaining of hypercromic spot in right hypochondrium for there approximately 6 weeks, evolving for there 3 days with ...


inferior vena cava stenosis and thrombus on CT

s/p IVC filter placement in 1999 presents with IVC stenosis and occlusive thrombus throughout the bilateral lower extremity deep veins ...


Neuroblastoma on abdominal CT scan

10 y/o male with vague abdominal pain and abnormal calcifications on abdominal X-ray. What's your diagnosis and next imaging step? ...


Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia in a female aged 66 years.


Herpes zoster on lower abdomen and buttocks

70 yr old presented with pain in R hip and worsening rash x 5 days.


Ascaris lumbricoides

A 36 years old male medium built was stabbed by a known assailant on the abdomen. Noted intra-op with multiple ...


Pneumoperitoneum on MRI

Follow up radiograph to 39 yo female with aborted MRI demonstrating #pneumoperitoneum. Patient was explored and found to have ascite, ...


Caudal regression syndrome (sacral agenesis)

37 week gestational age infant born via c-section. Infant did fairly well at birth with some mild increased respiratory effort. ...


incarcerated abdominal wall hernia

#Laparoscopic view of incarcerated omentum in small anterior abdominal wall hernia. The abdominal omentum (green arrow) is pushed up into ...


Pericardial-effusion on CT

Middle aged prisoner comes to ED, CC of L sided abdominal hernia. Labs show elevated lactate, so the ED team ...


Sigmoid Volvulus on CT

Photo 2 of sigmoid volvulus. This is pt CT. Other picture is his abdominal xray. 80s something pt, 1 week ...


Post incisional hernia repair

POD#1 incisional hernia repair. Abdomen now distended and pt in resp distress.