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All angiography Cases

leg angiography in patient with claudication

18 y.o. male w/ 2 week history of leg claudication in R. calf while running. Walking more than a block ...


Perfusion CT of the brain

functionally independent 80yo female from NESB presents with expressive #Aphasia and right arm weakness unwitnessed onset through questioning thought onset ...


Arteriovenous fistula malfunction

Arterio Venous fistula malfunction related to venous central stenosis.


Embolization of bronchial artery hemorrhage in 2 year old

Bronchial artery hemorrhage in a 2 year old s/p embolization with 300-500 micron particles


Anomalous Left Coronary Artery Angiograph

Middle aged patient presents to the Cardiac Cath Lab with abnormal stress test and mild chest pain, and hypertension, along ...


Angiogram of superficial femoral artery

SFA . First 2 images are initial angiogram . Third image was post atherectomy and stent . Atherectomy device was ...


Angiogram demonstrating LAD occlusion and aneurysm

A very tight #widowmaker lesion in the left main followed by an aneurysm in the LAD. Patient sent to surgery ...


Angiography demonstrating coronary artery dissection

coronary dissection Case: Female 29 years old , rheumatic mitral stenosis. symptoms : fatigue. Conduct : Emergency surgery . Coronary ...


Angiography demonstrating hypothenar hammer syndrome

Middle age male presented with pain in 4th and 5th fingers after some household work in which he was hammering ...


Angiogram demonstrating arteriovenous fistula from left pericallosal artery into left parietal vein

Angiogram showed arteriovenous fistula from left pericallosal artery draining into a left parietal cortical vein.


Angiography demonstrating Raynaud's phenomenon

34 y.o. F with Raynaud’s phenomenon. DSA of contralateral (right) wrist & hand: normal arterial filling (opacification of the palmar ...


Angiogram demonstrating endobrochial stent and lung metstases

New angiogram after embolization (2 years prior) for renal cell carcinoma mets. Recurrence of the major bilateral hilar #Metastases and ...


Angiogram demostrating persistent right trigeminal artery with Tau sign

Persistent right trigeminal artery with Tau sign


Angiogram demonstrating Persistent right trigeminal artery

Persistent right trigeminal artery


GSW in left elbow, CT angiografhy with 3D reconstruction

AK 47, GSW in left elbow, CT angiografhy with 3D reconstruction. Pt was transferred into damage control surgery, with nerve ...