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a case of #Cementoma


Dental erosion and staining

what are some possible causes of this facial erosion and staining. Patient claims no citrus, no liquids but milk water ...


Cervical invasive resorption of tooth on x-ray

Diagnosis: cervical invasive resorption of tooth 12 - initiated by traumatogenic occlusion on the retainercomposite over years. Treatment: Application of ...


Facial trauma bone scan

facial #Trauma


Oral hypersensitivity reaction to dental procedure

A 22 year old female pt came for her 3rd visit for root canal procedure. She complained a white patch, ...


Retained deciduous teeth

A 26 years old male patient came with the complaint of mobility of several teeth. On clinical examination it revealed ...


Sleeve gastrectomy

#sleevegastrectomy item CO2 test for stapling lines leaks. No leakage. 400 cc insuflation. Perfect lineal stapling.


Dental fissure caries

everybody says that fissure caries iе easy and do not consider it like a problem. I know many doctors who ...


Malaligned fused tooth

A challenge case ..... 12 years old child with malaligned fused tooth. Please your kind mangement opinions regarding such case


Autogenous tooth transplantation follow up

4th month follow-up on autogenous tooth transplantation. Assymptomatic, negative percussion test, no mobility, healed tissue. 3mm of depht upon probing, ...


Strategies for lip biting in patients with a brain injury

3 solutions to the lip-biting problem in this young patient with bad brain injury. Image #1 is a scissor clamp, ...


Removable partial denture

Flex removable partial denture


Gun shot wound to hand

This 31 year old was cleaning his pistol and forgot to check if it was loaded. The results are above. ...


Upper first premolar

Upper first premolar


3D plaster of edentulous maxilla

3d plaster model of regular sized edentulous maxilla on left, extra large on right !


Caries under filling

Typical case of caries under filling. Unfortunately, bad excavation of infected tissues leads to deep damage in a short time.


Left temporal epidural hematoma on CT

Head trauma & sequela: 52yoM bike accident presented in coma with dilated left pupil, intubated. CT shows left temporal epidural ...


Medication-related osteonecrosis of jaw on x-ray

Medication related osteonecrosis of jaw in 66yo Male with metastatic Prostate cancer , on Prolia


Pulpal exposure and horizontal root fracture

Pulpal Exposure/ Horizontal Fracture. Pt.'s tooth got stuck in a wrestling opponent's arm. Treatment plan?



32yom presents with 3 days of worsening throat pain has a history of alopecia not currently on systemic steroids no ...


Left maxillary sinus mass on MRI

Left maxillary sinus mass on MRI. CC chHA, facial pressure, relieved with sudafed and #NSAIDs. Sinuses not commented on in ...


Pyogenic granuloma

2nd case of ? Pyogenic granuloma in abt 1mnth. Pt a 55yrs old, F complained of swelling of abt 10yrs ...


Pyelonephritis on kidney CT

Oblique coronal contrasted CT image of the kidneys in a teenager with flank pain & fever shows patchy foci of ...


Impacted wisdom teeth with dentigerous cysts

Middle aged male dental patient presents with "chipping teeth", no pain. Incedental finding of impacted wisdom teeth with dentigerous cysts ...


Bimaxillary hypoplasia 3D hard and soft tissue simulation

19 yo male with bimaxillary #hypoplasia. #3D hard + soft tissue simulation for optimal surgical preparation and guidance. A: pre-op ...


Squamous cell carcinoma on histology

#Squamous-cell-carcinoma #Folliculitis #Sebaceous-glands there's a lot going on here. I'm thinking Scc more opinions please thanks.


EpiPen price increase

On Sept. 21, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch will appear at a U.S. congressional hearing over price increases for the EpiPen ...


Hand Foot Mouth Disease

difficult case for me, 32 y.o. Make librarian presents with rash for 1 day. No significant past medical history, no ...


Tongue injury following seizure

Update: pt came back in for follow-up to show the current state. Reports that the "bite on tongue has healed". ...


surgical approximation of vermillion border

First irrigate, irrigate, irrigate. Mark your white roll and Vermillion BEFORE injecting. Then clean up the frankly necrotic tissue and ...

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