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Atrial bigeminy on ECG

Describe the rythm and explain yourself.


Pityriasis rosea

30yo female, presented with this rash - mainly on trunk. Started 4weeks ago around the neck region. Not pruritic. No ...


Bougie Intubation with the Kiwi Grip

I was taught this while doing an intubation in the shock room. It gives you complete control of the tube ...


Tinea versicolor

24 yo male presents this palpable eruption on back and on lateral thorax (just under the armpits bilaterally). no itchy, ...


Ganglioneuroblastoma on pathology slide

What is the diagnosis? Follow us and come back next week for the answer! | Presented by Stephanie Shea MD, ...


Endobronchial tumor on chest x-ray

female patient aged 22 y old no past history of any chronic disease presented with right sided chest pain radiating ...


Bibasilar pneumonia with effusion and COPD on chest x-ray

53 yo Caucasian smoker 0.5 ppd for 40 years presents with wheezing cough and SOB for 1 week does not ...


Tension pneumothorax on x-ray

RTA present with dyspnea and low SPO2 85 percent any thought ?!


Posterior clavicle dislocation on 3D CT

posterior clavicle dislocation.... true orthopedic emergency... high risk of neurovascular or airway compromise. CTA was negative. Was taken to OR ...


Iron lung

Because of widespread vaccination, polio was eliminated from the Western Hemisphere in 1994. In 2016, it continues to circulate in ...


Breast cancer with mets

50yo F Dx with Breast Ca per needle bx. PETCT to complete staging. Patient opt'ed for lumpectomy only. No Chemo/hormone/ ...


Foreign body found during lung surgery

The patient was admitted in our department with the diagnosis "Lung cancer". During the operation a foreign body instead of ...


Inferior MI on 12 lead ECG

53 yo M. called EMS because of chest pain and SHOB. Secondary symptoms included pale, cool and clammy skin, nausea, ...


Pulmonary embolism in CT

Axial contrast enhanced CT shows a large pulmonary embolism (arrow) saddling the bifurcation of the pulmonary arteries. Pulmonary embolism is ...


Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Pulmonary #Tuberculosis with multiple cavities in a parient with HIV-AIDS


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

A team of researchers has identified inflammatory cells that play a key role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The ...


NG tube in the right bronchus

Chest radiograph case 1: What is the primary abnormality on this radiograph? #chest #X-ray #BSPR


Foreign body ingestion leading to aspiration

A case of pistachio nut aspiration. Foreign body was removed via rigit #Bronchoscopy. #Foreign-body #Aspiration #pistachio #thoracicsurgery #cough



50-something M patient to ED with ROSC after arrest secondary to house fire. Cyanokit is given to bind cyanide produced ...


Tracheo-innominate fistula

#Tracheo-innominate-fistula, a rare and often deadly complication of #Tracheostomy! Yellow arrow points to the tracheostomy stoma, black arrow points to ...


left upper lobe lucency on chest x-ray

Chest xray shows a lucency in the left upper lobe. What is your differential diagnosis? #FridayQuizDay


MRI of paraspinal mass mostly Extramedullary hematopoiesis

T1-W MRI in the same patient shows a mostly low signal intensity paraspinal mass typical of extramedullary hematopoiesis. Extramedullary hematopoiesis ...


Hyperinflated lungs in emphysema on x-ray

58F. SOB. Textbook example of what condition?


congenital pulmonary hypoplasia

#Pulmonary-hypoplasia in a 22-week-old infant, delivered via spontaneous vaginal delivery for non-reassuring fetal heart tones, but stillborn on delivery. Note ...


inflammatory changes and old forgien body on right breast mammogram

56yom presents to clinic with acute onset right chest pain with very large area of erythema, edema, and induratuon approx ...


Polio on chest x-ray



malpositioned umbilical venous catheter in a premature newborn

AP chest radiograph in a premature newborn shows malpositioning of an umbilical venous catheter which courses through the right atrium, ...


Morgagni diaphragmatic hernia on chest x-ray

Chest x-ray shows a portion of the colon herniating above the diapragm anteriorly. Morgagni hernias are a rare type of ...


Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Neurofibromatosis type 1


Bilateral lung contusions on chest x-ray

Blunt trauma to the chest in a child. The worst I've ever seen. Image demonstrated massive lung contusions bilaterally. Unfortunately, ...

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