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All upper-limb Cases

Axillary abscess

50yof seen in the morning by a GP for second episode of axillary abscess.. prescribed oral antibiotics.. but the cause ...



30 year old female with incidental hand and feet deformity seen at a medical mission clinic


Granuloma annularae

What are these lesions? 69 year old female that suddenly developed these lesions on the extensor surfaces of her arms ...


Gangrene of the middle finger

51 y male presented with puss and gangrene of middle finger of left hand . The condition started about 13 ...


Severe eczema with secondary bacterial infection

15-yr-old, premenarche, female, history skin problems #rashes x13 years, in rural East Africa. C/o #Pruritus & some pain. Current lesions ...


Partial Traumatic Avulsion of the Thumb

Patient, male 45 years old, trauma 2 hours ago, patient came to ER. Mechanism: Patient was walking his dog on ...


Radial and ulnar shaft fractures on x-ray

14yo male who tripped and fell, landing on an outstretched hand. image 1 is before any surgical intervention. image 2 ...


Compound fracture on x-ray

10yo male who fell from monkey bars. Photo 1 is before any intervention. Photo 2 is status post closed reduction ...


Acute ischemia of the hand

F47y, DM type I, HAS and multiple sclerosis. ICU hospitalized a week ago with symptoms of ketoacidosis, will perform central ...


Comminuted Fracture of distal phalanx

English: A 35-year-old patient, who consults for a 5-hour period of progression consisting of a crushing fourth-finger injury located in ...


Rheumatoid Arthritis

81 y.o. female patient affected from reumatoid arthritis. The diagnosis has been done when she was 55, therefore she's still ...


Multiple myeloma and lytic lesions on skull x-ray

These are additional findings from skeletal survey #X-rays, labs and #Bone-marrow biopsy. The patient was diagnosed with #Multiple-myeloma and started ...


Ulnar fracture on x-ray

29yo male was in a kickboxing tournament, blocked a kick with his right forearm right #ulnarfracture


De Quervain tenosynovitis

20's female with De Quervain tenosinovitis, had left wrist steroid injection done. This developed 2-3 months later. No pain, no ...


Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

Female 71 years old with mediastinal neoplasm infiltrating the superior vena cava and right atrium (histology: thymoma type A). Clinical ...


Upright MRI

1. Great position for t-spine. This is just an example of a #uprightmri #mri 2nd shows table tilting back to ...


Steristrips for lacerations

went a little crazy with the steristrips wanted this guys to have as little scarring as possible.


Buerger's disease

buergers disease. Patient has hx of chrons. Chronic smoker. CTA demonstrated occlusion distal to radial and ulnar arteries. Some collateral ...


Erythema migrans of Lyme disease

Beginning of the week in a pediatrician practice. 4 yo male. Confirmed (by parents) tick bite on upper right arm, ...


Olecranon bursitis

Olecranon bursa in 28 years old male presented with swelling behind Rt elbow joint


Kaposi sarcoma

40-some y/o male with widespread, asymptomatic purple macules, plaques and nodules on trunk and extremities. The lesions are smooth, have ...


Finger fracture on x-ray

while catching A football! Ap and oblique views do not show the injury!


Horsefly bites

10 yr old presents with bites on arms, legs, face, neck after playing by a creek (North Carolina) first two ...


Bed bug bites

54 y/o patient presented with red rash-like dots all over body. Said this has been going on for over a ...


Erb's palsy

congenital anomaly.Restricted #Movement-disorders in the affected side.what is the diagnosis or causes behind this anomaly ?


Open fracture x-ray

68yof fell while roller skating. She was most upset that she wouldn't be able to go skiing the next day. ...


X-ray of large mass from proximal humerus with sclerosis

Two radiographs of the left shoulder show a large mass arising from the proximal humerus with sclerosis and new bone ...


Multiple lucent cortical foci x-ray

A teenager with a history of distal radial & ulnar fractures 2 years prior returns for follow-up radiographs. Multiple lucent ...


Deep partial to full thickness left arm burn

deep partial to full thickness left arm burn in 13 month old male. Also with FOUR left arm fractures of ...


X-Ray of right radius and ulna fracture

Right radius and ulna fracture of a 4 year old after falling off a bed. No surgery performed; only casting. ...

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