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All wrist-and-hand Cases


A patient displays peeling rashes, one of the severe side effects of Chagas medication that can discourage continued treatment. @DrsWithoutBorders ...


Gangrene of the middle finger

51 y male presented with puss and gangrene of middle finger of left hand . The condition started about 13 ...


Partial Traumatic Avulsion of the Thumb

Patient, male 45 years old, trauma 2 hours ago, patient came to ER. Mechanism: Patient was walking his dog on ...


Palm Laceration

Patient slices hand open with pocket knife while in the field trying to open a can of spaghetti-o's. Fixed this ...


Phlebitis in hand

#Phlebitis #wrongtherapyendovenous #swollenhand #acutepain


Pyogenic granuloma on the hand

Pyogenic granuloma on the hand. To be excised.


Squamous cell carcinoma of the thumb

female 49 yo #Squamous-cell-carcinoma


Bennett fracture of fourth metacarpal on hand x-ray

Male, 28 years. Bennet fracture on the right hand (fracture of the first metacarpus. #Hand #Fracture


Dyshidrotic eczema on fingers and palms

30 yo patient presents with multiple raised non-erythematous papules exacerbated by heat exposure, alcohol consumption, and work related stress. Papules ...


Gun shot wound to hand

This 31 year old was cleaning his pistol and forgot to check if it was loaded. The results are above. ...


Dusky fingernails due to severe hypotension

Dusky fingernails with severe hypotension. Lips were the same color as the nails too.


Acral melanocytic nevus on dermoscopy

Dermoscopy of an acral Melanocytic Naevus in a 6 y.o. girl. Benign parallel furrow pattern. (Standard denomination aside, due to ...


Steristrips for lacerations

went a little crazy with the steristrips wanted this guys to have as little scarring as possible.


Crush injury to thumb on x-ray

crush injury to non-dominant thumb


Distal radius and ulnar styloid fractures on x-ray

slipped on wet tile in a foreign country


Coxsackie virus Infection

7yo F with #Coxsackievirus-infection. No fever or mouth lesions in this one.


Buerger's disease

buergers disease. Patient has hx of chrons. Chronic smoker. CTA demonstrated occlusion distal to radial and ulnar arteries. Some collateral ...


Rheumatoid arthritis

RA changes in hands. Related to other patient. Sister and brother


Laceration on thumb

47 yo M decided to acquaint his thumb with a utility knife (no "before" pictures--sorry). Deep laceration, down to the ...


Hemorrhagic blister

Patient came with this unusual blister. What do you think it is and how can it be treated?


Partial debridement of 2nd degree burns

Partial debridement in the ED of 2nd degree burns caused by a grease fire 12 hours prior. Patient picked up ...


Left temporal epidural hematoma on CT

Head trauma & sequela: 52yoM bike accident presented in coma with dilated left pupil, intubated. CT shows left temporal epidural ...


Herpetic whitlow

33yo M presenting with 3wo rash. Pt. states rash is blistering and very painful of unknown origin. Any ideas? Tmt ...


Horsefly bites

10 yr old presents with bites on arms, legs, face, neck after playing by a creek (North Carolina) first two ...


Open fracture x-ray

68yof fell while roller skating. She was most upset that she wouldn't be able to go skiing the next day. ...


Multiple lucent cortical foci x-ray

A teenager with a history of distal radial & ulnar fractures 2 years prior returns for follow-up radiographs. Multiple lucent ...


X-Ray of deformed right thumb post fall

pt presented to walk in clinic with deformed rt thumb, Rt hand dominant, fell 1 wk ago, minimal pain, NV ...


Psoriasis on the palm

1/52 after applying LPC8% SAL. ACID in WSP 200g nocte with occlusive dressing left overnight. Calcipotriol 50 mcg/Betamethasone 500mcg daily ...


Osteomyelitis of thumb on xray

44 year old diabetic female "my thumb hurts" for past 3 months. No injury, likely started out as a #paronychia ...


Lichen striatus on hand

Just a curious, incidental and rare finding on a 32 years old male patient I had last week. Lichen striatus ...

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