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All wrist-and-hand Cases

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

A team of researchers has identified inflammatory cells that play a key role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The ...


Avascular necrosis on knee MRI

Male patient 32 years old professional cyclist presents pain and limitation in the right wrist after falling followed by right ...


Fourth proximal metacarpal fracture on x-ray

36yr old male presented to the ER with edema and pain after he played a football game. Can you spot ...


Traumatic fingertip amputation

Traumatic fingertip amputation. Patient got his glove caught in a saw at work and it ripped off his fingertip. Needs ...


Pyogenic granuloma

#Dermatologic-disorders 23yr old male with no previous history of dermatological diseases, it took only 3 weeks from a small pustule ...


Achondroplasia on x-ray

Lateral view of the spine in the same patient shows thoracolumbar junction kyphosis, lumbosacral junction lordosis, short pedicles, & "beaked"/"bullet" ...


Verruca vulgaris

Common Warts (Verruca vulgaris) in a 24 years old patient. He presents Warts in the lips, neck, hands and thighs ...



Learning how to splint in OT school. #WristCockUpSplint


Icthyosis vulgaris chronic management

Male of 24 years old, know in the dermatology service since 10 years ago for presenting Ichthyosis. The patient starts ...


A traumatic amputation from a motorcycle as seen on X-ray

30 year old male showed up at the ER with a bloody bandaged hand and holding his severed fingertip. He ...


Grease burn

grease burn - treated with mepilex foam dressing left intact for 8 days.


Lichen planus

a 34yo woman presented these rashes appearing on her legs and elbows with much puriritus ...itching. what could this be ...


Arrow in hand

I shot an arrow I know not where......This 10 year old boy shot an arrow that broke. Initially it seemed ...


Distal radius fracture on x-ray

11 year old boy fell from the monkey bar after playing a baseball game. Severe pain of the forearm. Normal ...


Psoriasis and pruritic rash

56 yo female with a history of well controlled #Psoriasis only confined to the left ankle presents with a 4 ...


Blister from finger sucking

3day old neonate right hand hard mass can not empty non mobile ,hand /finger movements were normal.what can it be ...


Flaccid triphalangeal thumb in Holt Oram syndrome

7 week old with typical signs and symptoms of which syndrome?


Clenched hand with overlapping fingers in Trisomy 18

#Neonate born with multiple congenital anomalies including CHD, hypotonia, limp abnormalities & the one showed in picture. What is your ...


Severe venous hematoma from a needle injury

Any guesses what happened here?


Human papilloma virus warts on the knee

13 yo female with skin lesions for a year, initially treated with 3 sessions of cryotherapy and then a unknown ...


Periungal fibromas in tuberous sclerosis

So, I am in my rural social service right now here in Colombia. In a visit to a really far ...


right mid-shaft humerus fracture on x-ray

Spot the #fracture. What would you do next? 28 yo male, rtc. No other significant injuries.


decreased sensation and coloration of left middle digit

38 year old female. Started noticing her left middle digit would turn white and numb X 1 month intermittently. Color ...


Acute Gout of the middle right finger

78 yo male, finger pain for 10 days. No fever.. No history of past trauma or wound.


rheumatoid arthritis right hand deformities

64yow with undocumented history of RA , presented with these abnormalities + acut both knee's artheritis.RF is negative and #Synovial-fluid ...


trapeziometacarpal joint arthritis x-ray

later 80s female with main issue of difficulty playing the saxophone in the seniors' band. Can you see her problem? ...


5th metacarpal fracture on x-ray

75yom complaining of swollen hand especially outer side. what do you see, and how would you treat?


Active rickets on hand x-ray

3 years old child with the following X ray wrist. Possible diagnosis and treatment please.


Wrist widening

a 2year old child brought to a clinic with history of prolonged breast feeding and poor feeding. examination show widening ...


Hereditary multiple exostoses

18 y M gives H/o fall 2 years back while playing, following which there was a malunion of elbow joint. ...

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