How much does Figure 1 cost?

Figure 1 is a free download on the App Store and on the Google Play™ Store.

Where is Figure 1 available?

Figure 1 is now available in almost 100 countries. If it is not currently available where you live, rest assured, it will be soon.

What about privacy requirements? How does Figure 1 protect patient privacy?

We know that patient privacy is a priority for healthcare professionals, and we have designed Figure 1 with that firmly in mind. We take patient privacy extremely seriously, and we have worked hard to provide a tool that reflects that.

In your Figure 1 profile, you may identify your name, workplace, and other information about yourself. However, any images you post must have identifying details related to the patient removed. (For example: faces and tattoos. Click here for more information.) In fact, we supply a number of easy, intuitive in-app tools to allow users to remove them. Our automatic face-blocking feature detects faces and blocks them, and our manual block feature allows a user to quickly and easily block anything else that might identify a patient.

Once an image is uploaded, our medical officer and team of moderators performs a review of each image to verify that all identifying information has been properly removed from it before it is shown on Figure 1. However, if a user thinks that an image, comment, or description on Figure 1 improperly identifies a patient (or supplies information that risks identifying the patient), they can flag the image and it will be immediately removed until our medical officer reviews it. Should an image be deemed to potentially identify a patient, Figure 1 will immediately and securely destroy it and we will alert the user who uploaded the image accordingly.

Because our images do not have identifying details about patients and are not attached to any patient information, such as names or addresses, they do not fall under regulations such as HIPAA’s Privacy Rule in the United States, privacy legislation in Canada (such as PHIPA in Ontario), or similar legislation in other jurisdictions around the world. 

For more information, please see our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, or this privacy video.

What about patient consent?

If your jurisdiction or medical facility requires you to obtain written patient consent before taking a picture—or if you simply feel more comfortable doing so—you can use your own consent form or Figure 1’s quick and easy in-app “tap, type, and sign” consent form. Patients or their representatives can use their finger to sign the screen on your phone, and a complete consent form will be emailed to you (and any other recipients you select). Although Figure 1’s consent form contains the minimum necessary elements to comply with the laws of the countries where Figure 1 is available, the laws of your province, state, or other locality may impose additional requirements to document a patient’s consent to use the image on the app.

For more information, please see our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

My facility doesn’t allow me to photograph patients, even with their consent. Will Figure 1 still be useful to me?

Absolutely. We definitely don’t want you to break any rules where you practice, but even if you’re not taking photos, Figure 1 can be very useful to you. First of all, you can still access the images that others are posting so that you can learn from them, use them as a reference for your own practice, or comment on them so that others can learn from you. Also, you can upload images you may already have from elsewhere, which will help build our collaborative library of images, and allow you to receive feedback from other users as part of the Figure 1 community.

How do I know these images are being accurately described?

We have a verification process for licensed physicians (and soon, for other healthcare professionals as well), so you can take into account who the image was uploaded by. You can recognize Verified Healthcare Professionals on Figure 1 by a checkmark icon next to their username. It’s also easy to sort by top comments on Figure 1, and you can vet the quality of comments by the number of votes they have received. In the future, we will continue to expand the voting system in Figure 1 to make it more robust and more indicative of quality.

If I upload an image to Figure 1, how is it used?

When you upload an image to Figure 1, you have the option to make it private or public. Our medical officer and moderation team approve all public and private images that are uploaded to Figure 1 to ensure they do not include identifying information before they are posted. After that, only you can view your private images unless you specifically share them with your contacts. Your public images can be viewed and commented on by all the members of the Figure 1 community.

Public images that you share may be selected for use outside of Figure 1 in two cases. If your image is selected as the “Image of the Week”, it will be emailed to all Figure 1 users and used to spread the word about Figure 1. Your image could also be shared with resources like medical journals and other educational sites. Should your image be selected for inclusion in a medical resource, you can choose to receive a photo credit whenever possible. Visit the options menu of your profile to learn more.

How can I become verified on Figure 1?

If you would like to be verified, simply tap “Become Verified” on your profile and our team will contact you to request information so that we can verify you against publicly available databases. Once you are verified, you will receive a digital “badge” on your profile, your images and other contributions will be ranked higher in our database, and you will be able to view users’ full profiles.